Biss Writes to Ced – May, 1945

Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

EWGZ - Butch and Marty Zabel - 1950

Butch and Marty

Thurs. nite

10:45 P. M.


Dear Ced –

If my writing seems stiff tonight it is because I am cold and my hands are stiff. We got your package last night and enjoyed it very much. Butch has fallen in love with his slippers and Marty is quite jealous so he won’t allow Butch to look at his book. He gets a big kick out of the real fuzz on the bear. They got up before I did this morning and raided the candy, however I rescued about half of it so Zeke and I weren’t gypped completely. I was a little jealous of Butch and his slippers myself because my shoes have holes in them and it has been raining all this week practically and every time I go out I get my feet wet. I have no slippers and I was looking at Butch’s slippers with an envious eye wishing they were a little larger so I could slip into them and warm my feet up. Is it too much to ask to see if you can get three more pairs of slippers? I know that is rather nervy of me! Zeke wears an 8/2 shoe, I wear 6-6 1/2 and the slippers are a little large (size 2 – which is three sizes larger than his shoe) but they will be just right by the time winter gets here. Sooo – Marty, I should judge by that, should get about a size 13 child’s or size 1. As for Zeke and myself, our feet have stopped growing (I think) so we should have ½ – 1 size larger, I guess, then our shoes are. If you can get them (lined with warmth if possible – you know flannel or some other warm substance) please do and let me know how much I owe you. Zeke’s slippers are worn out and Marty’s have worn out since I wrote you that letter asking for slippers for Butch — Well, enough for that –

I suppose Dad told you Sunday, when he wrote, that Aunt Elsie came up from N. Y. Last Thursday feeling quite ill — well she was planning to go back to N.Y. Monday afternoon after she had seen the doctor but when she saw him, he told her she had to go back to bed for a week and under no conditions whatsoever was she to set foot out of the bed. She has a very bad case of varicose veins which caused her foot – rather leg – to buckle under every little while causing her to fall. I don’t know what happens when the week is up. As for me – my weight is up to 115 pounds now and I am feeling like a million dollars, full of pep and rarin’ to go. I have better color than I had and I haven’t had a cold or any other sickness all winter (knock on wood!)

Erwin Laufer and Bill Knopf got home Monday. Bill is going to be married this Sat. Erwin was over last night and he is looking like a million dollars. He is the first one I have seen that came back “of sound mind and body”. I still haven’t gotten over the thrill of seeing him looking so well. I was so afraid he would be all nerves and a little ______ the way Erv (Zeke’s brother), Art, Bill Tomak, and the rest have come back. Erwin always was rather moody which made me even surer that the fighting would leave him somewhat demented but thank God he is perfectly normal. We set up until two A.M. this morning talking – he did most of the talking, about all we did was to ask questions. He doesn’t drink the way the other fellows do either – or chase after anything that is wearing a dress. Those other fellows rather disgust me. I can overlook a certain amount but there is a limit to everything I think and they go beyond. Of course Erwin may be that way too but he didn’t appear to be in his manner of talking and acting. He is a buck sergeant, you know. He said he turned it down about five times as he didn’t want to have the responsibility of the men’s lives in his hands but he finally accepted it a while before he came home as you lose just about one rating in pay when you come back here. I couldn’t begin to tell you all of the interesting tales he had to relate. Well, I think I had better stop rambling and go to bed as it was late – or rather early – when I went to bed last night (or rather this morning) and it is fast approaching the midnight curfew. “The Three Caballeros” is playing at the theater so I guess I’ll have to take the boys to see it this coming Sunday. They have been waiting for it to come to Bridgeport as they have seen advertisements for it in different magazines. The rain is pouring down outside and the wind is blowing a veritable gale. My doors keep rattling and I can feel the wind blowing across my feet, that is because the kids broke one of the windows on the sunporch today – how I hate rainy weather when I have to keep those wild Indians in the house. There is no school this week and so far we have had three days of rain – I am just about to the end of my rope. If it rains again tomorrow – as it is supposed to do- I think I will become a jabbering idiot! Do I see a sardonic smile on your face at that last remark? Well, good night for now and I’ll write again. Thanks again for the package.



This weekend I’ll be posting more memories of Trumbull.

Next week I’ll post letter written in 1941. Lad will be coming home from Venezuela soon and lots of people are looking forward ti that event.

Judy Guion

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