Trumbull – Dear Knights of the Open Road (2) – May, 1941

Page 2 of R-128

Dear Dick:
ADG - Dick atThe Chandler's - Group on steps (cropped) - 1939Here is a problem…….. child. When this little balloon goes sailing off into space and you only catch occasional glimpses of it, does it remind you of a son breezing away from the old home and soaring off to unknown adventures? What adventures does it meet on the way, what strange sites does it see, where does it finally land, what does it think about? Wouldn’t you like to know? I haven’t even got a long-range telescope. This one sample is so good that it whets one’s appetite for more. Come on, listen up. You write lots more interestingly than you think. It will be lots of fun looking over these letters in years to come and recalling little incidents that will be refreshed in your mind to get them down now as they come hot off the press, whirling around as today’s happenings. What do you think the prospects are of getting rid of the old movie camera. Who is using the new 8mm camera. How did you get your job at the weather Bureau? How do you like your room, where do you eat? What did the boys say about the car? There are 1001 things I would like to hear from you about as you try to fill in the spare time you have on your hand at the Bureau.

Dear Dan:

I am really grateful to you for your two interesting letters of April 16th and April 22nd, which incidentally arrived DBG - Dan (cropped) fron Ced, Dan and car - 1941within two days of one another (26th and 28th). The films of the blanket tossing, the parade, the view of Cook Inlet and the approach of the Discoverer came out very well and I am looking forward to the next ones showing Dick’s arrival. Would like to hear more of Rusty, what he is doing, what his future plans are, etc. How did Dick take the news about Mack? He has not mentioned it in any of his brief notes. Is there any truth in the Barbarian rumor that you have some idea of coming home this summer? What, if any, are your plans for the future? I think I asked you many letters ago to bring me up to date on your thoughts anent this matter, but it’s a case of you won’t talk, heh? Heard any more about the possibility of your being called in the draft? Even if they do call your number, Aren’t the chances pretty good that you will be exempted because of the importance of your work? And by the way, you have not said anything about your job lately. Are you still running the transit?

Dear Ced:

Well, what happened to you? What made you drop out all of a sudden? Was the shock of the lemon car to great Ced and car - 1940 (3)-head shotafter the great things you expected from my letters, you just got to disgusted to give me the real lowdown on your thoughts? Fire away, if this is the case. I can take it. It looks, seriously speaking, as though you were too busy to write, and if this surmise is right, don’t go at it too hard. I sent on to you the dope I sent for from Washington regarding airplane mechanics. I don’t know whether it will be helpful or not. The afternoon of the same day Dan’s letter arrived with Monsanto’s papers, they were duly signed and in his hands.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the rest of Grandpa’s note to Ced and his message to Lad. On Thursday and Friday, another letter from Grandpa to his four sons far from home.

Judy Guion


4 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Knights of the Open Road (2) – May, 1941

  1. Thank you for sharing. stories of your family. It is wonderful that you have the letters.

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