Trumbull – Dear Knights of the Open Road (3) – May, 1941

This is the final segment of a long letter from Grandpa to his boys in Venezuela and Alaska. 


How did you boys divide up the trinkets I sent along with Dick? Have you had the delayed registration for the draft yet? How are you coming along with your flying? It occurred to me the other day when someone asked me about your work that I really know very little about Woodley’s. Do your ships fly on regular routes or are they more like air taxis – – go anywhere, like Well’s special buses? Does he do freight work principally or passenger service, or both? Does he fly principally in Alaska or does he frequently get to Seattle? Do days pass when none of your ships are out or are most of them out all the time? Is it busier in summer than in winter or about the same all the time? Is it a profitable business or a risky and uncertain one? There are probably other questions that I have failed to ask that you may have interesting answers for. What do you see in it for you with the future in mind?

Dear Lad:

APG - Pool at San Tome Camp, Venezuela, Lad on high diveMaybe you are stuck down in a little-known part of the world but you do get around, just the same. That trip to the Goldmine was very interestingly told. You did not mention it but I wondered if you took any color movies of it. The films of the oil fire, the beautiful señoritas in bathing, etc. were good. You’ll enjoy seeing them when you get home. But when will that be? In view of what you write in your last letter, I am wondering all the more if the suggestion I made some time ago that you write a letter to the SVOC New York applying for transfer to some Department of the Company where they use or repair diesel-electrics would not be the best stunt of all. I spoke to Ted (Human) about it and he seemed to think the chances would be very good that you could put it over. In this way you would not be throwing overboard the favorable start you have made with this company and at the same time it would eliminate the objectionable features you mention about the local set up. You may know of some reason that you have not mentioned that would make this idea a poor one, but it
might be worthwhile considering. What’s the present situation regarding Mr. APG - Pool at San Tome Camp, Venezuela - sitting on the dockO’Connor? As I recall it, he had asked you to be sure to see him when your time was up with the idea of offering you a better job with his company.

I am anxious to know whether anything special was done to celebrate your birthday? I didn’t tell you, but I wrote some of your friends down there and asked them to put on some sort of special show and let me know the cost and I would see that they were reimbursed. I have heard nothing from either you or them so I do not even know if my letter arrived. I wanted to do more than just send you “best wishes” and this was the only thing I could think of that would not involve your payment of duty on your own present.

I am looking forward to the mail tomorrow and the possibility of a letter telling me you have heard from Chris and will know whether the company officials have accepted your ultimatum of $300 a month and three month’s vacation, or whether you stay until July and quit entirely. Meantime, I certainly should get all those lines out that you have time for with the object of lining up a diesel electric job here so that in case they give you the bye-bye, you will have something else lined up. And in any event, I think you would be wise in hooking up with the Engineering Societies.

And so, dear boys, in the words of the old song,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night”


Tomorrow and Friday,  I’ll be posting another letter from Grandpa to his four sons away from home, one in Venezuela and three in Alaska.

Saturday and Sunday will be more early memories of  Trumbull as recorded with Lad and his siblings.

Judy Guion


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