Peabodys and Duryees (2) – Grandma Peabody Writes to Ced – May, 1941

This is the second portion of a letter written to Ced by Grandma Peabody. his Maternal Grandmother

Ced and car - 1940 (3)-head shot.

Today I got a letter from Helen (Peabody Human) saying (her husband) Ted had gotten a job in Washington, D. C. He is leaving Sunday, starting work Monday and I think Helen will come home for a few days before she leaves. I hear from Larry and Marian (Peabody) often. They like Sandusky very much and are making new friends rapidly. Larry has had a big raise, $50 a month more. Alan (their son)  has had, is, having the whooping cough but is getting along fine. I think Uncle Kemper intends to have his boat brought down New Rochelle. They may not go to Vermont at all this summer. However, nothing seems very definite as yet.

Do you know if Raymond and Elizabeth have moved to Bridgeport yet? She doesn’t write consequently I know very little about them. It should be hard on Elizabeth, and Mrs. Zabel too, to have to live together that way.

I know Rusty left for Alaska. You are a good many miles away from him. So he is thinking of getting married. I hope it turns out as he hopes. Of course, a girl being poor has nothing to do with her character. She may be lovely. Character is something money can’t buy.

I was surprised and sorry Aunt Betty’s financial circumstances are not what one would believe. Hope things may pick up again and be more secure. I haven’t seen her but once since we moved here. It must have been last fall. Is she in Trumbull now?

I know all my “charges” would love to hear from you but I think we all realize you may have something to do besides writing letters to so many. I am sure you are good about writing home which is the most important, and – to me. The Easter Cantata must have been beautiful. I don’t remember of every having heard it. I have heard some of the cantatas. You are fortunate to have such a good choir director.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the last bit of this letter. Thursday and Friday, it will be a letter from Grandpa to his sons.

Judy Guion


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