Peabodys and Duryees (2) – Grandma Peabody Writes to Ced – May, 1941

       This is the final piece of Grandmother Peabody’s letter to Ced.

ADG - Dorothy feeding squirrel in San Francisco - 1960

Dorothy Peabody

          I am sending you Larry’s address in case you haven’t it. 1109 Erie Blvd., Sandusky, OH. They have a six room bungalow. At Easter  Marian’s sister Mildred and her husband were with them. It makes it so nice for the sisters to be able to see each other oftener.

Aunt Dorothy is pounding away at her type writer. She has not sold anything yet but she gets such encouraging letters from the publishers. But at present we are living on hope.

What do you in Alaska think about the convoy? And what is Randolph Hearst up to? There are so many different guesses as to him. To day the report seems pretty sure he has broken with Hitler. That, I think if true, would be good  news. This flight seems fantastic.

I am hoping you will over look my mistakes, skipping words and so on. I know I am excellent at such.

Give my love to Daniel and Dick. I would like to get letters from them too. All your letters are so interesting.

Oh! Do you know if Alfred is home yet? If his it seems strange he doesn’t come to see me and Dorothy. He may be busy and babe may take up much of his time.

Well Cedric thank you for writing to me. I appreciated so much.



Tomorrow and Friday, I’ll post a two-page letter from Grandpa.

The weekend will hold two days of early memories of Grandpa’s children in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


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