Trumbull – The Red Light Inn (2) – May, 1941

This is the second half of a letter written by Grandpa to his sons far and wide.

Uncle Burton doesn’t want it known as he fears it will worry his mother, but he is trying to get back his old job as aviation instructor. He is hopeful of obtaining a higher rating in the Air Corps than he had before. It may be a month before he knows definitely. I wish you could see the letterhead of the “Red Light Inn”. At the upper left are the words “Every room with Servidor, Humidor, Cuspidor and a blonde”. At the upper right: “Pies like mother used to make. Tarts like father used to make.”  At the lower left: “The house Dick always knocks twice”; lower right: “Wide windowsills to crawl out on.”; and across the bottom: “Where you can lead a double life in a single room, or a singular life in a double room”. Your uncle must be going to town all right when he writes on this sort of stationery.

APG - Lad (head only) on horseback in Venezuela - 1940

In his last letter, Lad says the Grace Line is running only once in two weeks now and that one of their Santa liners has been put in dry dock for general overhaul at which time she will also be fully armed. The present Grace Line schedule will be in effect until hostilities get worse than they are at present and then the Grace Line will discontinue its Caribbean cruises altogether. Looks as though things are going to get pretty serious before they are cleared up.

Roy Rowland came to see me one day this week. He rather hinted things were not going so well at home between himself and wife. Evidently she is at last getting fed up with his Micawber like actions. He is now trying to get a job in the General Electric or Remington Companies, and goes home weekends. He borrowed a dollar for eats with a promise to pay it back when he lands something. That’s another dollar I can deduct under the head of “charity” on my next income tax return. He asked to be remembered to you boys. He says it if I ever take up Dan’s suggestion and start for Alaska, both June and Pete would like to go along.

Tell Dick Mr. Wharton has left the Times Star is now working for the British government (he was born in London and never been naturalized as an American citizen) as an inspector in Remington Arms who are making ammunition for the British. More money and better hours. He seems to enjoy working around the place and is doing more than his share in mowing the grass, etc. They are very pleasant tenants.

We had an amateur movie exhibit here last night, showing Venezuelan and Alaskan films to Aunt Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Warden, Red, Jean Hughes and myself. We had previously shown them to Aunt Elsie. Four reels from Lad and two from Alaska make a very interesting evening entertainment, albeit a bit unbalanced. With two movie cameras in the possession of the northern contingent I suppose this will be evened up before long.

The bunch are up at Plumb’s playing tennis this afternoon and Aunt Betty is out taking a sun bath and talking with Mrs. Warden. I have spent most of the time since dinner working on screen repairs and putting them up. Yesterday I saw Jane Mantle running around in the new Willys which I suppose is hers although I haven’t heard officially. I haven’t been able to get hold of Mr. Smithson yet to paint the barn so it now appears as though Lad would not be overwhelmed by the beauty of this structure.

And that’s about all the news I can corral at this writing. Has the mail service improved any? Ced’s airmail letter of the fifth arrived here on the 12th which is okay in that direction. I will send this by air and the next person who writes (Dick undoubtedly) please tell me how long in transit.


Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be posting more Memories of Early Trumbull.

Next week, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1942 as Lad’s homecoming gets closer and closer.

Judy Guion


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