Trumbull – Dear Sons (3) – Grandpa Comments on Lad’s Letter – May, 1945

Alfred Duryee Guion - (Grandpa) - in the Alcove where he typed his letters

Alfred Duryee Guion – (Grandpa) – in the Alcove where he typed his letters on a Remington Manual

Page 3    5.6/45

So, you haul your old dad over the colds for making typographical errors, hey? Well, let me tell you that the very envelope in which this letter came was addressed to me as “Mrs.” and a very thinly disguised attempt to eliminate the “s”. Now, no matter what I may have done in the past to innocently distort your words, justice requires me to say that never in my wildest moments have I intimated you possessed feminine characteristics, and it is a bitter blow at my advanced age to have one of my sons, and the oldest one at that, to intimate to the censor and the entire Postal Service of the U. S. that his father might be considered a sissy. To my mind that far offsets a few little errors caused not by my carelessness, oh no indeed, but sorely through the fact that my typewriter, being of an ancient vintage, has wobbly keys, and while I strike the right key, the one next to it sometimes feels weak and leans over so that my finger hits it, and there you have the simple explanation of the whole business. It’s too bad some diesel engineers do not understand the idiosyncrasies of old typewriters so that they could arrive at correct solutions of such things and not blame it on the wrong cause. Having a magnanimous disposition however, I shall overlook the whole incident – – and probably continue to make the same mistakes.

It is nice to know the beautiful weather you have been enjoying is similar to that of Trumbull and vicinity. It makes me feel a lot better because the cold rainy weather we have been having for two weeks seemed rather unpleasant. It is very interesting, cher frere, to get your comments on the items in my letters, and I am particularly delighted to know you would be interested in the ring. Incidentally, Dave already has one and even though Ced or Dick or Dan also expressed a desire to have a ring of this sort, that would not invalidate your request. As the fellow says, there are more where that came from. So, before next April rolls around, we will see if we can get the matter of the ring size straightened out and a special one made to order for you. Would you prefer yellow gold, white gold, silver, or what? A long while ago you told me your ring size was 10. Even that seems large but 11 sounds all out of character unless diesel fell on it recently and made it swell. Sometime when you are near a jewelry shop get him to measure it and tell you the size or better still when you see Dan, get him to draw a map of your finger or Don Sirene to draw a front and side elevation. Maybe in one of your spare moments you can find a thin piece of wire that you can form into the proper size and send it on as a sample. While we are making it, it might as well be the right size.

Tomorrow, quotes from Dave’s letter, Grandpa’s comments and final thoughts. On Friday, a letter from Lad.

Judy Guion


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