Birthday Wishes for Ced (3) – May, 1941

As usual, on Sunday evening, the local youth have congregated at the Trumbull house – Dave is going to show Alaskan and Venezuelan films – and they each take a turn at the typewriter to send Ced their personal birthday wishes.

Ced and car - 1940 (3)-head shot

Dear Goat-face;

I have heard that there is at large in Alaska a queer monster of undescribable ugliness and ferociousness. I will attempt to describe it to you from the description I got from a raving megalomaniac I met after three beers and a Brooklyn. It seems that this creature has hair growing from the base of his neck extending in the general direction of his chin, where it comes to a confused but abrupt and. It’s face has the big book of one who has attempted to solve the mysteries of a loaded shotgun while balancing it on his nose – and has succeeded. It is a rather tall creature (I hesitate to call it an animal) and walks with a lumbering Crouch (or wood bunk) as if it were afraid to get too far ahead of itself for fear of what will happen when it turns its back. This creature can be seen flying about in these sub arctic skies, much to the amazement of those who have seen it. You will know it is near if you’d hear a loud war overhead which will be interrupted by frequent coughing and wheezing of its lungs. I suggest you follow it and watch it land, bumping the earth violently several times as if to battery and unconscious and then settling on the beaten carcass. Incidentally, this creature is about 24 years old and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Tender regards,


Hello Ced,

folks around here tell me it’s your birthday — and since I feel that I know you through Dick and the gang, I’d like to wish you a “very happy birthday!” And now we you please do me a favor —-take care of that they are “Dick” person. (Not that he can’t take care of himself.) Now I’m stuck for words soooo —–

just that Mortensen Jean

Hiya “Upper-Lip-Fuzz”

this is to wish you a happy birthday etc. As soon as I get through here I’m going to show the movies from Alaska and South America. I suppose there is plenty of the so-called follows on the lower lip extending down across the front of your 24 -year-old neck. Dad just asked me to go “fixed the toilet”so I’ll quit now.


Dear Ced: (Aunt Betty speaking through ADG)

I hope after the perusal of these letters from all these visitors you won’t be too tired to read one from me. I remember Dan once said that I never forgot anyone’s birthday and what was surprising to him was that I always sent it right on the day. I don’t know whether I am slipping or whether it is the air of Trumbull or the anticipation of lad’s arrival but I did forget yours until your father reminded me of it. I am enclosing the same old remembrance and hope it will be multiplied many many times, and that you will have many happy birthdays.

Aunt Betty

My Dear Cedric,

I am decidedly not used your father’s typewriter so please excuse any glaring errors or omissions. It seems that communication between us in the past year amounts to approximately 0. This should be remedied and not just because today is your birthday, either. I didn’t get to a letter from you on my birthday, did I? I really haven’t much to say (did you notice?) Except that I hope you still have enough common sense to wear a parachute on your fledgling ops. As for my personal experience during the past year, I have been kept busy running the Stratfield hotel (Inc) that is, I am rash enough to believe that I am helping. At least ice am still in their employ (11 months today, knows the three words) I work Sunday nights, early mornings and every time except when I feel like it…. Please don’t come home very soon, (look, 4 eyes in a row, I have to keep up my own ego) think of all the rides I owe you I need a new car, which I do anyway… I trust you are now sufficiently confused to understand the other actions of this letter, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ???? (THAT ???? IS A MISTAKE. Eventually I will write to you all by myself, what about you? Take it away…..XXXXXXXXX


IOU a letter which I have written Dan to tell you I haven’t forgotten which I haven’t, but what do I do about it nothing so I don’t blame you for thinking whatever you are about me as a correspondent. When I was reminded that today was your birthday I thought immediately of the treasure hunt when you were 21, and a cigar and the fine. And now I’m 21, and had a very nice party too which you probably heard about. This sounds moronic. Since you and Dan went away, I have become about five years younger, mentally. They’ll have me back in grammar school soon. Those will be the days! The kids are all singing, awaiting their turns to wish you happiness, success and all good things on this your birthday, even though you won’t receive it until later. It’ll be like having another celebration, I hope. For a week before my birthday, I celebrated every day, sometimes all by myself, and then for about three or four days afterward. That was in April, and I still have more to come because Helen is making a scrapbook for me, was a picture and pole for every year. Perhaps it will never be finished. All I’ve seen so far are the pictures. Why don’t you stop around and see it sometime? Say in 1946 or so. Is it a date? I’m looking forward to it already. Don’t tell Dan. As Don has already written, eventually I will write to you… Honest.

And an X from me too —-Barbara (Plumb)

Dere ced,

I never did learn to type , so – letter follows in script, printing, or hieroglyphics. this, in case you’re interested cost me more hard work that it did the rest of “those guys”. just the same, I wish you one grand year of happiness, etc. – taking it for granted I can personally wish you another year of the same for the year after on your next birthday. my figure is worn practically to the bone now…… So a few more xxxx’s from me

Jean (the trumbull one)

Tomorrow and Friday will be devoted to Lad’s homecoming and all the documents he needed just to leave Venezuela.

Judy Guion


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