Trumbull (1) – Arriving June Fourth – June, 1941


One of the documents Lad needs before he can leave Venezuela.Lad - Personal Account with Socony-Vacuum - 1941

The final accounting of what Socony-Vacuum owes Lad.

A-132     Trumbull, Conn.,       June 1, 1941

Dear Ced, et al:

This is the last letter I will write for a while, at least, of which a carbon copy is made and sent to South America, for last Friday a cablegram was received from Caracas which said: “Arriving at New York June fourth Santa Rosa Lad”.

Since then, naturally, we have thoughts and talked of little else. I have asked the travel Bureau to get me a pass “behind the lines” and to do personal honor to the occasion I will get a fresh haircut and see that the Buick is washed and cleaned inside. As far as I know at present Aunt Betty, Elizabeth and Butch will go down with me to meet him. Dave unfortunately has an exam on that day and if he can arrange to take it some other time he also will go along. Between Mr. Warden and Dave they have the lawns and grounds looking pretty nifty and right at this minute, Dave, I hear, is outside beating an old rug he found in the barn which he will letter in white paint “WELCOME” and put it in front of the back door, just to follow out the old tradition. He is also planning various posters to be put here and there throughout the house so that Lad will be sure to understand he really is welcome. We will then take them down, put them in camphor balls and save them for Dan’s homecoming later in the year, and after that, as they will by that time undoubtedly have grown whiskers, we will put them in cold fiur storage so that they will be intact for later use on Ced or possibly Dick, although I am afraid the latter has washed his hands entirely of the old home, at least he has completely given us the go by up to present writing.

Who else outside of the family would be able to go down I have no means of knowing. Babe has her school, and as Carson has left, the new principal pro- tempore, would probably demur about granting permission even if it should be asked. Arnold and Alta, I learned, went to Niagara Falls on his motorcycle but Carl thinks they only intended to make it a Decoration Day trip and will be back Monday. Barbara says she would like very much to go down but because of sickness she has missed so many days lately from the office that she hesitates to ask for another day off. Don Whitney may be able to get the day off and take some of the gang down. Dave is arranging to show motion pictures of Venezuela that Lad has sent home and I would not be a bit surprised if some Alaskan pictures also found their way in on the showing.

Where Lad will elect to make his nest is problematical. As he is used to a tropic climate he may choose his old room in the attic; or he may prefer the front guestroom. Again, as he has been used to sleeping more or less out-of-doors the screened porch may be his choice. Of course there is also an extra bed in Dave’s room (Ced’s old room) but he may not like this so much as little Mr. Warden next door seems to like to howl quite frequently during the night watches. On the other hand, if Lad has not changed his habits to any great extent he will be up most of the night himself.

I spent all of Decoration Day and yesterday afternoon building and repairing screens, so that now every window in the house is properly protected, with the single exception of repairs to the screened porch which I do not have time to do at the front door for which I have ordered a new screen from Sears Roebuck.

I’ll post the rest of the letter covering other Trumbull news tomorrow.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll continue a Tribute to Arla, my Grandmother and Grandpa’s wife for much too short a time.

Judy Guion


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