Trumbull (2) – Arriving June Fourth – June, 1941

Here are a few more of the documents Lad needed to get out of Venezuela.

Lad - Medical form 1 - to leave Venezuela - 1041

Lad - Medical Form 2 - 1941

Lad - Venezuelan Passport - 1941

Page 2 of A-132

And now, with Lad’s excitement properly taken care of, I want to assure you that the significance of this day is not lost on your old sire. First, Aunt Betty wants me to send you her very best greetings with the usual greenback which she admits should have been transmitted before this. In reading your last letter about the new bed, mattress, etc., it occurred to me that perhaps a gift of single bed sheets would be a practical and acceptable gift. However, as I stated in my last letter, in view of no word so far from Dan, I will await your suggestions as to some gift all wrapped up with my love and best wishes that can be sent at a later date even though it may necessitate turning back the clock even further then Edna, Florence and Chuck did on the morning of the abortive ski trip. I did do a rather egotistical thing last week. I asked Reads to send you a picture frame with my likeness to watch over your indoor hours, figuring that as you had so much daylight up that away, I could see you more frequently by proxy as I sit perched on your Bureau or commode or whatnot.

Congratulations on your solo flight. Don’t work to the exhaustion point on the 360M. How are things going under the new boss?

As to the Guion housing proposition, I talked this over with Red (Sirene) today and next week, when he is home from school for the summer, he is going to get out his tape and do some measuring around the yard and determine what the best location for a garage would be. He does not think much of the prefabricated house idea.

I am enclosing some dope on airplane trips from Seattle with Dan’s projected trip home in mind, although by that time who knows what airline schedules anywhere will be. While it is very much more expensive by air than by bus for instance, it might be necessary from the time point of view to fly in one direction at least.

As Barbara has probably written to Dan, Mr. Plumb took a sudden notion to come home from the hospital. So Helen went up and got him. The first few days home were O.K., but he failed to obey home instructions as well as he did the hospital orders, began to feel worse and now I understand is planning to go back again.

We are now celebrating Ced’s birthday. Barbara and Don went out in his car moment ago and have just returned with generous helpings of ice cream all around and popcorn.

And that seems to about sum up the news of the week. I am looking forward to a letter from some of you Northerners next week and of course, I’ll have more to write next week about Lad’s arrival. So, until then, and wishing you a very merry birthday and happy new year, I still remain,

Your admiring


On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be posting two segments of a Tribute to Arla, Grandpa’s wife and my Grandmother, 

Next week, I’ll be posting letters from 1942, when Lad and Dan are in the Army, but close enough to get home on weekends. 

Judy Guion


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