Trumbull – From SHGHF (1) – Lad’s Local News – May, 1945

This will be a week of letters written in 1945. Both Lad and Dan are in France. Dan has met a French girl and they are getting married in a few months. The residents of the Guion House have been helping gather and ship much needed accessories for the wedding, including the rings, shoes and other items. Ced is in Alaska where he is working as an airplane mechanic and Bush Pilot for the Woodley Aircraft in Anchorage. Dick is the liaison between the locals and the Army somewhere in Brazil. Dave, the youngest, is attached to the General’s Company, acting as a Radio operator and Signal Corp. 

APG - APG at D_____ ______ a_____, 25 June, 1945

Trumbull, Conn., May 13, 1945

From… SHGHF:

To: all First Class boys (private or otherwise)


With your agile mind, you have of course already decided that this is a message from “Supreme Headquarters, Guion Home Front”! As for the “supreme” part, that is subject to debate; however we can put on a little front sometimes, as witness the last word – – you see I’m bound to have the last word.

Murky is the right descriptive word for the weather today. While the temperature has been in the upper 60s, it has rained intermittently all day. I have had a fire going most the day in Jean’s room, where Elsie (Guion, Grandpa’s sister), although improved, is still confined to bed. The doctor is coming tomorrow to look over the situation. Naturally she is impelled by conscience-prompted thoughts to see the finger beckoning her back to work, but the beckoning finger is opposed by the “running leg” urging her in the opposite direction, so there you have a dilemma worthy of a Gilbert and Sullivan score.

Lad this week has saved the Quotes Dept. from utter degradation. There ought to be coming up pretty soon another quotable from Ced to say nothing of Dan, who has so much to say and many eager eyes to read it. I don’t suppose you had to spend much more time than we did home here trying to make your “points” come up to 85. I never liked mathematics anyway.

Now for Lad, writing on Sunday, April 29th, received May 9th. “I’ve received two more letters from you since I wrote last week – April 8 & 15. Before I go into any discourse on letters, how about a little local news?

Yesterday we had a rather freakish day which included sunshine, rain, snow, hail and ice. This morning there was ice here and there and a heavy frost covered everything. As I came to work the sun was just rising and there were pretty white clouds scudding across a very blue sky. A perfect October day wouldn’t have been any different, even as far as the smell of the air. Since then, however, it has clouded over and a few flakes of snow fell, turning to water or disappearing on touching the ground. The temperature isn’t very much above 0° C. — and we don’t have stoves anymore. This present cold spell, reaching its peak early this morning, has been with us for most of this week, and somewhere, somehow, I found a germ, which attacked my throat and then crawled headward; but I believe I’ve got him stopped now. The nicest day we’ve had – Tuesday – I took a pass and went to the same bomber base I wrote about before. This time I was successful and after many attempts (see Marian for details) I succeeded in going aloft. It was a B-26 and I flew higher than I’ve ever flown before – 10,105 ft. I watched the altimeter myself. Rather than repeat the whole story, I think the aforementioned source will give you the details. (Note by the Editor: The “Aforementioned source”, being duly approached on this matter, has given her willing consent, with the result that the next voice you will hear will be that of an ordinance man on the air or in the air, as you prefer).

Tomorrow, I will post all the details, directly from Lad, in his letter to Marian. I’ll be posting additional portions of this letter for the rest of the week.

Judy Guion


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