Trumbull – First Anniversary of Drive to Alaska – June, 1941

Dan's Self Portrait - 1939 - Cropped


Trumbull, Conn., June 15, 1941

Dear Dan, Ced and Dick (the rat):

Just because Lad is home again you needn’t think I have no thought or interest in the Alaskan triplets and am content to let two weeks pass without a protest – – in fact, now that there is no letter to be expected from Venezuela, it is all the more noticeable when no son mail at all arrives. You might suggest this thought to Dick as it is just possible it has not occurred to him that possibly we at home might be interested to hear from him once in a while.

It might be interesting to go back a year and see what happened:

On June 14, 1940, “With the glorious Guion Army at Warren, Pa., panzer unit forded the Hudson at Tarrytown and succeeded in advancing to Kane, Pa., in first thrust toward Seattle”.

June 15, Bryan, Ohio. Arrived in Ohio just in time to have a flat tire at 50 m.p.h. Reached Draz’s about 1230 P.M.

Star Prairie, June 17th. (Sunday) Bathed and washed clothes in nearby river. Arrived at Peabody’s Sunday P.M. Today we go on to St. Paul and points west, etc.

So this is in effect an anniversary letter of one year’s sojourn in Alaska. This should be Dan’s inspiration for writing a regular essay on “Anchoring an age in Seattle” or some equally brilliant title, on his twelve months’ impression of Seward’s Folly.

Lad spent the first part of the week laying in a store of new clothes. He is very well outfitted, profitably to Meig’s and Read’s — suits, shirts, socks, under clothes, shoes, etc. Late yesterday afternoon he returned from a three days sojourn in New York, where he saw Elsie, Grandma and other New Rochelle relatives, Ted and Helen, had a SV physical examination (which declared him fit for foreign service), made some purchases for Pariaguan friends and saw the wife and daughter of his S.A. boss off on the Grace Line for La Guira. Just by chance, while calling on Aunt Elsie at the shop, he happened to run into Helen and Ted and learned that they was in New York and then on the verge of leaving again for Brownsville, Texas., where he had just been assigned a government engineering job – – just what it was he was either unable or unwilling to say very much about. He was a bit sore at Lad at first but they finally parted the best of friends. In fact, Ted had some idea of trying to fix it up for Lad to get a job taking care of diesel equipment with Ted’s new outfit at a salary of $3600. Lad could not see the party he wanted to talk to (Mr. Orvis, as Dan will perhaps recall, whom we called on at Standard Oil one day), so he plans to go to the big city again about the middle of the week. He registered for the draft in Bridgeport, with Eleanor Farrel’s help. What that will bring forth of course remains to be seen (as the man said as he led the way into the morgue).

After dinner today I was surprised by receiving a Father’s Day message from Aunt Betty, an original composition by Dave on a Son’s-eye view of a father and a gift of cigars from Lad.

Tell Dick Charlie Hall is home but I have not yet seen him. We, all of us, were invited to Carl and Ethel’s for supper last night and spent a very enjoyable evening. There is little news. Aunt Betty is out taking a sun bath, Lad is over talking to Carl and Dave has gone to the reservoir for a kayak ride with Robert Shadick. “All quiet on the Western front”. Eliz moved to her new home yesterday.    DAD

ADG - Grandpa's blank letter to Dick, June, 1941

Dear Dick:

I remain,

Very truly yours,

A.D. Guion

P.S. While I hear of you occasionally from various folks in this vicinity to whom you have written, none of them mention your wanting to be remembered to me. However the old Guion spirit of taking it on the chin and still smiling may be indicated by the enclosed clippings as evidencing the fact that we still think of you and those things in which you might be interested. A.D.G.

Tomorrow and Friday, I’ll be posting letters to Ced from Grandma Peabody and Barbara Plumb, Dan’s girlfriend.

On Saturday and Sunday, more of a Tribute to Arla.

Judy Guion


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