Peabodys and Duryees – Grandma Peabody to Cedric – June, 1941

Grandma Peabody - letter to Ced - June, 1941 - front

Grandma Peabody - letter to Ced - envelope back - June, 1941

June 10,

Dear Cedric

I have put off writing again much longer than I should and I hope you will forgive me. If you could know how much I like to get your letters you would write me every day. Well my dear, that sounds like a pretty much selfish grandma, don’t you think? Anyway it’s the troops.

June 18, as you and I just got started writing to you on the 10th, in the first place thank you again for your birthday card and the bird. Yes he has done me a lot of good because he makes me smile at him. But don’t you pattern after him too much, you may have to look where you are going instead of looking where you have been. Have you been soloing yet? My best luck to you.

I’ve certainly liked seeing Lad last week. He came up from New York C. with Helen. Well – he hasn’t changed any that I could notice. He is the same nice looking and quiet young man as always. I felt so bad because I couldn’t follow the conversation. I miss so much all the time, radio news and so on. I am afraid I am not taking my old age as gracefully as I should.

Tab you will probably not hear any news from this location from your home but I think I will tell you some. Did you know Ted and Helen went to Washington on a new job? They have been there just a week when Ted got word from an engineer he worked for that he had a job for him. Ted was rather anxious to get it and of course had to make arrangements to give up the one he had which was done, and left for him in case the new one fell through. So they came back to New York for a week. Then he was sent to Miami Florida for a few days. Came back to N Y for another week but last Wednesday he was sent to Brownsville, Texas. That’s an Army post also airport. 27,000 population. Helen is going to substitute at the Greenwich library, Conn. During July and August. She is staying with me and Dorothy till 1 July.

I am wondering if you received a little package I sent by airmail hoping it would reach you on your birthday. I would like to know if you like the necktie, you don’t, don’t hesitate to say so because then I wouldn’t make any more. Donald likes his so much. I must tell you I had a letter from Mrs. Marian and she tells of Alan making a whole in his beanbag and planted the beans in his mother’s flower garden. “They are up high.” If that isn’t a gardener for you. I think it’s very funny. The space is getting short, sign I must and. Please give my love to Daniel and Dick. I hope you are all fine and that everything is encouraging.

Loads of love to yourself.


Tomorrow a letter from Barbara Plumb, Dan’s girlfriend, to Ced.

On Saturday and Sunday, more of a Tribute to Arla.

Judy Guion


4 thoughts on “Peabodys and Duryees – Grandma Peabody to Cedric – June, 1941

  1. Patty B says:

    I am not sure if I asked you this or not – or maybe someone else has…but have you ever thought of donating these letters to a museum? There is so much information in them.

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