Friends – Barbara Plumb to Cedric – June, 1941

Ced @ 1945

June 23, 1941

10:15 A. M.

Dear Ced –

I’m quite unhappy – because I just got a run in my stocking – I’ve been wearing the same pair since June 1st and wanted to see how long they’d last – they lasted until June 23 – last summer I wore a pair for seven weeks – they’re silly anyway – there should be a law against stockings in the summer.

Saturday night Jeans Hughes & Mortensen and I went to New York to see Ethel Barrymore (,+Ethel+Barrymore&biw=1354&bih=779&site=webhp&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwir7ePNobLOAhWMLsAKHScAAwgQsAQIMA&dpr=1)– in “The Corn is Green” ( was originally a celebration of Miss Fannie’s girls – But Jean asked me to go – then asked Jean – then we decided to go by ourselves on the train instead of with the rest on the bus. We just had time for everything – but not enough time to walk around and gape at the bright lights – because Jean M worked until 5:45. We ate at Taffenettis at Times Square and had ham and candied sweet potatoes and stuff. The restaurant, theater and train coming home were air-conditioned, so the heat wasn’t so bothersome. The train home was full of soldiers. From their conversation I gathered they were being transferred from Fort Blanding in Florida to some place nine hours from N.Y.C. They were tired and disgusted and hot and homesick – I surely feel sorry for them – Most of them hate the Army life – Chet, my friend from Fort ______ 242nd  C.A. says they just count the days until their release and from the look of things, they may not get out when their year is up –

Yesterday the kids went for a ride, looking for a place to picnic and swim. After three hours, they went back to Red’s (Sirene) – Charlie (Hall) and Don (Red Sirene) came up later to play tennis – I went back with them – we ended up – the whole gang – as usual – at Guion’s, singing.

Another thing I’m mad at – all of a sudden my watch is in a hurry – it gained 20 minutes since 7:30 this morning – and it’s now 11:00 – or by my watch, 11:19.

I’m glad there isn’t much work today. I feel like poking along and would hate to have to hurry for anyone.

For a couple of days I thought I might be seeing you this summer – but no matter how I figure – I can’t do it – wouldn’t it be fun though – Shucks! – Doggone everything! – Maybe I’ll come and see you next year – if, etc.

Your devoted friend and admirer –


Tell Dick he owes me a letter, I think.

Tomorrow and Sunday, two more episodes of a Tribute to Arla.

On Monday, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1942. Both Dan and Lad are in Uncle Sam’s Army, Dan is in Pennsylvania and is able to get home on some weekends. Lad is being shipped bto Flint, Michigan for further training in Diesel mechanics and then to California, where his buddies from Aberdeen Proving Ground have already been sent.

Judy Guion

3 thoughts on “Friends – Barbara Plumb to Cedric – June, 1941

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Couldn’t help but smile on that first paragraph. 😀

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