Trumbull – Dear Babes in the Glacier (1) – Family News – June, 1941


Trumbull, Conn., June 22, 1941

Dear Babes in the Glacier:

In this days issue of the Bridgeport Sunday Post you will find an article which, under ordinary circumstances, I would have cut out and sent to you, but in view of the fact that I have renewed Ced’s subscription as a birthday gift, you can read it for yourself. It is about Jimmy Smith and is headed “Life: A Great Adventure to Builder of ‘Happy House’”.

And speaking of birthday gifts, Ced ace in the hole, the list you sent was more humorous than helpful. Come on, now, there must be some item that would add to your comfort or pride of possession or enjoyment, some one item that your old Dad will fondly hope will remind you of his affection and esteem every time you use it or look at it. Kiddy cars seem to have been given place to metal toys since your “Owl and Pussy cat” days, and anyway the man told me they might have difficulty in getting a model big enough to accommodate legs the length of yours. Somehow I am having difficulty unscrambling from the list sent me the items you actually received from those you need, after eliminating such items as yachts, airplanes, country estates etc. With great disdain I will utterly ignore the case of best imported whiskey item, but the wallet leaves me puzzled as to whether this was an item you did receive from someone or is the one item that might be acceptable. If the latter, won’t you go a little more into detail so I can get an idea of what you would like to carry in such wallet.

I fooled you any way by sending one day last week from a new store in Bridgeport – “Jarman”, an item which might be useful in a room somewhat crowded for space. It is being sent insured so I will be glad to know if it arrives in good condition. Please let me know whether you get the other items also. If any item of clothing is desired please give full details as to size, color, measurements, widths, materials or what not, depending on what it is. Your letter, by the way, arrived on the 16th, and it’s several messages and replied to the Round-Robin have been passed on to the interested parties.

Lad to spent a couple of days this week again in New York, principally interviewing the Standard Oil officials and has to go again in a few days to meet one of the Socony higher-ups.

Alice Reyom , all dolled up in the picture hat, plucked eyebrows, highly roughed and lip-stock (if that’s the word), dropped in one evening last week on her way to Newtown with some rather unimpressive male. She had heard nothing from Trebor (Trevor ?) But next day I received a picture postcard from this same gentleman, postmarked Chicago, but with no other clue as to his whereabouts or doings.

          Lad, Dave, Aunt Betty, Babe and myself all visited the Milford Drive-in theater last night to see ( The Thief of Baghdad, ( and while we were gone, according to Mrs. Warden, Helen Burnham, Peggy and Edna stopped in to see us.

          Elizabeth has moved into her new house. I visited her one morning on the way to work. It is a fairly comfortable little place but needs repainting, etc. I may take Aunt Betty over there tonight for a visit.

Dick will be interested to know that Charlie Hall stopped in last night with Dick’s sunglasses which he had left unintentionally. Chas. asked me to say thank you to Dick for their use when I wrote. I, of course, I had to admit to Charlie, as I do to all who ask point blank, that I have not had a single letter from Dick outside of the one telling about the weather Bureau balloon, since he reached Anchorage.

Tomorrow, the conclusion of this letter with news of friends and Dan’s letter. Wednesday, a letter to Lad from Aunt Helen Human and another letter from Grandpa to the Triplets in Anchorage on Thursday and Friday.

Judy Guion

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