Trumbull – Dear Babes in the Glacier (2) – War News and News of Friends – June, 1941

Dan, Ced and car

Dan, Ced and new car

Page 2    6/22/41

That was momentous news that came in on the radio last night about Hitler warring on Russia, and it opens up many speculations as to what will develop from this. Hitler must have felt pretty sure of himself and based on past experience, indicating that he doesn’t strike until he is fully prepared, it may be the clumsy, cumbersome, Russian bear will be stopped before he can get going. On the other hand, with Napoleon’s experience in mind, Hitler may at last have taken too big a bite. It is certainly an interesting and exciting time in which we are living. Lad has received his questionnaire to be filled out. The rest is in the lap of the gods.

Carl asked me the other day if I had heard anything from Ced or Dick regarding the unpaid bills which he gave me to send to you some weeks ago. The thing had rather slipped my mind although I now recall asking you to tell me whether you wanted me to pay him out of funds you sent home or whether you would take care of it direct and because I had no answer, I assumed it was all being taken care of. However, I told him you might not have received my letter and that he had better send you duplicate bills and that I would write you also.

Dan, I wonder if you took with you the Home Building & Loan bank book. I have Lad’s and Ced’s but not yours, and some time ago, Mr. Hughes wrote that they had changed their system there and would like the old book to be brought in to be exchanged for a new one. I think Dick took care of his before he left, but you might ask him about it. You will be interested to know, Dan, that Lad says he can understand almost everything said in Spanish but has difficulty in speaking it rapidly as he cannot readily recall the proper words to express his thoughts. He is looking forward to hearing from you with comments on the letter he wrote you entirely in Spanish.

That’s about all I can think of to write about except to say that Lad bought him a crackerjack new portable radio – a Hallicrafter Sky Traveler Model S-29, if you know what that means. Anyway, it can be plugged into either A.C. or D.C. and has its own battery when house current is not available. It also has its own self-contained self-charger and is capable of very fine tuning. We easily got London, Cuba in some place that sounded like a Polish or Russian station within a few minutes the other day. It also has a collapsible, fish-pole antennae. Cost: $60. He also presented me with something I have wanted for some time – an automatic pipe lighter that will light a pipe even when the tobacco in the bowl is three quarters used up. He and Dave got to my car today and gave it a thorough cleaning inside and out and a polishing. It looks like a million  dollars.

I’m hankering for another letter from old Danny boy again, to say nothing of that worthless destroyer of happy homes, Dick, and of course I am looking forward tomorrow for another message from Old Faithful.


Tomorrow, a letter from Aunt Helen Human to Lad, and on Thursday and Friday, another letter from Grandpa to the Triplets in Anchorage.

Judy Guion


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