Trumbull – Dear Triplets (1) – Memories of the Gaspe Trip and The Helen – June, 1941

Trumbull House - Grandpa and kids - 1928 (2) Little Driveway view - 1928

Trumbull, June 29, 1941

Dear Triplets:

Today at the dinner table Lad mentioned the fact that the Spanish for peas was the same as French, “petit pois”, which reminded me of our Gaspé trip in which I tried to make the lady on one of the farms we stopped at understand that we wanted eggs and had to imitate the chicken before I could make myself understood. This led to reminiscences of other incidents of the trip and finally to trying to determine the date and where Lad and Dan were at that time and here we ran up against a snag in our memories. The nearest we could figure it was that the trip occurred late in July 1938, but Lad seems to recall getting letters in Venezuela about it, although he did not sail for Venezuela until the tail end of 1938 and therefore concludes we must’ve made the trip in 1939 to Gaspé. It is my recollection that Dan was working on the highway here at that time. Can any of you throw any light on the problem?

It is too bad we did not keep a “log” of the Gaspé trip similar to that on the Helen which we have just been looking over with vast amusement, laughing over the loss of the rowboat when Lad and I went down to Middletown to get parts for the engine and on our return found a note telling us that Dan and Ced had drowned in several places in the River, etc.

Lad got a notice yesterday that he is a class I rating in the draft. He recently had his eyes examined and is now wearing glasses. He is also taking a treatment for ringworm which she contracted in camp. He went down to interview the Socony-Vacuum officials this week but didn’t make much progress as far as lining up with their Marine department is concerned (tankers run a diesel engines). However, two other slight possibilities have developed. One is that the Wolverine people may want him to go to Columbia to service and take charge of installations of diesel plants for the government if they land a contract on which they are figuring. Also, a letter from Helen, transmitting a message from Ted to the effect that he is likely to get a letter from Pan-American offering him a job in combination with diesel work in Guatemala. He has also been asked to come down to Socony-Vacuum again early in July to talk to their personnel man regarding the further possibilities of a job with that company, they being loathe to let him quit their company. Wells also wants him to work for them this is of course only a temporary job. Of course, as I may have told you, he also has four jobs waiting for him in Venezuela if he cares to take them, one back on his old job, one with O’Connor and the Venezuela Petroleum, and two others with the Fairbanks-Morse man installing diesels and running diesels in a private plant. It will be interesting to see which develops most favorably if Uncle Sam doesn’t step in and settle the thing beyond any doubt.

The Long Hill Carnival was supposed to close last night but I have not heard who won the Plymouth they were raffling off. The Trumbull Carnival is scheduled to close July 26th. They are raffling in 1941 85 horse power Ford sedan. Dave has suggested that I mention to you that today Mr. and Mrs. Hughes are today celebrating their silver wedding anniversary with the picnic but as rain threatens (I just heard a distant rumbling of thunder) I don’t know whether they will follow their plan or not.

Politically the town has just received a slap in the face from our new Democratic governor who has vetoed the bill put through the recently ended session of the State Legislature providing for a representative form of government for the town, on the basis that the plan was turned down at a town meeting (Sexton gang). This seems to me an unwarranted use of authority on his part as said bill clearly provided that the whole question was to be submitted to the town for all the people to vote on for the purpose of saying whether or not they wanted it. I never liked Hurley much anyway and this does not endear me anymore in his favor.

Red (Sirene) came up to see me the other night and asked if I knew a man named Peterson of the highway department, that he had tried various architects offices in search of a job and failing to find any great interest in his services, had heard of a job on the highway through Eleanor Farrell. He is now working for the highway department.

The rest of this letter will be posted tomorrow with more family news.

On Saturday and Sunday I’ll continue with more letters of condolence in a Tribute To Arla.

Next week, I’ll be posting letters from the end of 1942 and the beginning of 1943.

Judy Hardy


6 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Triplets (1) – Memories of the Gaspe Trip and The Helen – June, 1941

  1. GP Cox says:

    Thought you might like this site too – tell him I sent you!

  2. GP Cox says:

    Judy, you should get a kick out of my post today, humorous about the home front meals.

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