Trumbull (2) – Dear Triplets – News From Alaska – June, 1941

Dan, Ced and car

Dan, Ced and their car

This is the second half of a letter addressed to the triplets, Dan, Ced and Dick, who are in Anchorage, Alaska, working at various jobs.

I had a pleasant surprise last Monday when the doubleheader letter arrived from Alaska. Thank you both, Dan and Ced. It would have been a complete knockout if the younger member of the tribe had also found time for a message to his much neglected Dad. Just to let him know I have not taken his neglect too much to heart, I am sending a clipping in which I thought he might be interested.

Did you, Ced, received a copy of Guion’s Trumbull address? I want to make a correction in the last sentence, re-: government of, by and for the people. Correction: “of the people, by the president, for the British”.

Lad says Helen has been staying with Grandma but is leaving tomorrow to take a job in the library at Greenwich. Ted is now in Texas, address: Hotel El Hardin, Brownsville, Texas.

Dave has been pestering me for some time to get another dog so that your offer plays right into his hands, but right now I think it would be wiser not to do anything about it. There would be no one here all day long but Aunt Betty and it hardly seems wise or fair to leave her the job of housebreaking a puppy. I am also hesitant about a young dog locked up in the house all day during the winter when Dave is at school and I am at the office, and if we keep him outside on a leash this seems cruel and if we don’t tie him up he is liable to meet the same fate as Mack. However, when one of you boys comes home it might be possible to bring a live souvenir of Alaska with you, following in Rusty’s footsteps.

Tomorrow’s letter, I hope, will bring news of your ski trip which I hope you were all able to take in and enjoy. A copy of Alaska Life Dan speaks of sending has not yet arrived but we will be on the lookout for it.

We were much interested, Dan, in Lad’s translation of your Spanish section, and as to outstanding expenses, I am glad to say that all except the current coal bill for last winter and taxes and interest on mortgage just due have been paid up. I finished paying $1200 owing Kurtz this summer and am thankful to get that out of the way. If within the next few weeks you can find it possible without inconvenience to catch up on the $12 a month payments and Dick can either start his regular contributions or reimburse the treasury for his fare on the Discoverer I can take care of part of the $178 tax bill, payable in quarterly installments and the mortgage semi-annual interest of $122 due July 1st. One of the things I have long wanted to do and will try to accomplish, if the stock market takes a turn for the better, is to have some sort of marker for mother’s grave. I have felt, and am sure she would have agreed with me, that it was better to get out of the way first Doctor, hospital, undertaker and Kurtz bills.

I just asked Lad if he could think of anything more to say to you boys as I had reached the place inevitably arrived at in every letter were all current news seems to have been exhausted and he said, “No, nothing, except that Trumbull is an awfully nice place to come back to”.

Dave is now through school and along with this we seem to have run into a streak of Addressograph work. Bridgeport Brass and Boy Scouts each have lists of 400 names to be graphotyped and Casco and Lee Brothers also have a long list of corrections to be made, so with Isabel gone and George, in consequence, doing most of the mimeographing and multi-graph work, we have lately taken on temporarily young Elliott Knecht to aid Dave in graphotype work.

Charlie Hall is working in Manning, Maxwell and Moore, Don is still slaving away at the Stratfield. Bronson Woodhull it is, and for several weeks passed, has been Carl’s assistant at the gas station. There is a rumor which may be entirely false, that Hay’s is not making a go of his store and may close up.

To come back to Dan’s inquiry on finances, I ought say that I still have to his credit $107 which of course I have not drawn on since the last payment authorized for the car. Ced’s credit is $8.14 and Dick is in the red $56.55. Don’t forget Carl and I would like to know if you have done anything about the old movie camera.

And I guess that’s about all this trip.


Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be posting letters of condolence received by Grandpa after the death of his young wife in a Tribute to Arla.

Next week I’ll be posting letters written in 1942 and 1943. Lad is traveling to California, via Flint, Michigan, for further training in Diesel Tank Engines. Dan ‘s training continues in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, but his embarkation overseas is getting closer and Dick and Dave are keeping Grandpa company at the old homestead in Trumbull.

Judy Guion

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