Army Life – Lad to His Father – Some Restrictions Lifted – May, 1945

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)


Sun. 20 May ‘45

Rec’d June 1

Dear Dad:

Received your long letter dated May 6 (verging on V-Day) but I’m not too sure about your P.S. that you added on Mon. when you got to your office.

Some restrictions have been lifted on censorship, and therefore I can now tell you that we are stationed at Langres, France, which is south-east of Paris about one hundred and fifty miles. It is between Dijon and Nancy, and we have been here since our first move from Southern France. When I have more time I’ll write more about it and also about our trip from the states.

Activities have increased here since V-E Day and I’ve not done anywhere near as much writing. In fact, I’ve only written two letters to Marianni during this entire week.

Work has gone along as usual and my cold is practically gone. In fact, I think it is gone but a slight sinus condition is present, causing coughing infrequently.

The weather has been very nice all week, with a thunder shower last night.

I went into Dijon to see a play, put on by what seemed to be an amateur troupe from the states, called “Anything Goes”. It was mediocre and hardly was a “musical comedy”. I don’t think I’d go across the street to see it again, at least not with that cast.

Referring to your letter – I have already made a comment in mine last week concerning Dan’s “mere six-day flurry” and can’t think of more to say.

Concerning my letter, I’d like to apologize to you. I’ve never seen any reason to refer to you as an effeminate person. I knew I had already made the mistake and “thinly disguised” it, but the letter to Marian had already been addressed and I’d hoped you might not notice the error. Again, let me say, “I’m sorry” even if I haven’t said it before. Better luck next time.

If I get a chance I’ll try to get my ring size from a jeweler or some other way. The material from which the ring is made might depend upon how it would look or how it will be made. Talk to Marian and maybe she might have a definite reason for a particular metal.

Dave’s letter was very interesting. He must feel quite a bit different about being in the Army than I do. Or else he doesn’t convey his real feelings in his letter. And like the girls, I’m curious about Dick’s congratulations to, even if you aren’t.

Since I started this, it has clouded over and just now, with the accompaniment of lightning and thunder, it started to pour. The owners here, though, are probably thankful. Water is rather scarce.

It is possible that I may go to C.B.I., but nothing definite is forthcoming as yet. Remember me to all and my love to Aunt Betty, etc.


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the first letters written by Elizabeth, Biss to family and friends, from St. Petersburg, Florida. She has moved there with her Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley and her children, Donald and Gweneth, to get her away from Trumbull and the unhappy situation at home.

Judy Guion

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