Friends – From Trumbull and Venezuela – July, 1941

APG - Post card from Edna and Peggy Beebe - 1941

APG - Post card mesage from Edna and Peggy Beebe - July, 1941

This post card came addressed to Alfred Guion and family and reads:

Hello Aunt Betty, Mr. Guion, Laddie and Dave –

With four chattering females gathered around me I can’t think of much of a message – constructive or otherwise – We are having a good time, tho’.

Love – Edna and Peggy (Beebe)


Edna Beebe is third from the left wearing a plaid dress. Her sister Peggy was a good friend of Biss’s.


This is a short note, addressed to Al (Lad)  from a friend from Venezuela named Katherine Frost, I believe the wife of someone who worked with Lad at the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company.

New York City

July 2, 1941

Dear Al:

We’re finally back here after a glorious, if hectic, vacation – 8500 mile trip in three weeks. (We talked Socony into an extra week but then they held us in New York five days and then had us report back two days early.)

Enclosed is the film – for which thanks a million. I still think it a master shot.

We sail tomorrow noon. Drop us a line one of these days – and don’t fail to come back to Pariaguan one of these days.


Katherine Frost

I’ll complete the week with a letter from Grandpa to Dick (and Dan and Ced) and  another letter to Lad from friends in Venezuela. 

Judy Guion


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