Trumbull (2) – “A world calamity to arouse and unleash the imagination…” – Jan., 1943

ADG - Grandpa, when I know him, early 1960's

Page 2     1/10/43

To Lad: I know darn well you didn’t get the Christmas box I sent to Flint because it was returned to Trumbull the other day and is now on its way again to Arcadia. The amount of postage to and from and to again bids fair to equal the value of the contents of said box. I hope it reaches you this trip. I suppose you are now installed at the Santa Anita racecourse, will refrain from any horseplay and with the Flint experience in mind, now know your oats better than ever. Incidentally, the only report on Flint from you had to do with female activities, leaving chapter 2 to come on the business accomplishments. Then there is the account of your Christmas activities, the report of the trip west and all about your present set up. Yes, indeed, a long letter (or series) is indicated. I am enclosing a little celluloid card I had printed up for one of my local customers in the hope it might be useful. The report of “An actual oil shortage” gives rise to the thought that it is about time some of those wells you and S-V (Socony-Vacuum Oil Company) drilled in Venezuela might very well be made to come in and the refined product from Aruba be sent by a considerably shorter haul to north Africa instead of denuding the eastern states of the Texas and Oklahoma accumulation we need here for heating and cars and production. Maybe the stock you hold in your friend’s company will amount to something. The other clipping you might send to Ced, as I think he too, will be interested in it.

To Ced: With undaunted spirit I have undertaken the job of getting the portable radio batteries. I have visited one after another of the retail radio stores, even trying a wholesaler. Reports: “Haven’t a one and won’t get anymore.” “They’re not making them anymore for civilians.” “Out for the duration”. “Burgess is best in any country but I doubt if you get any make in Bridgeport”. Finally in desperation I went back to Sears Roebuck who had two “A” And two “B” batteries which they thought would fit only their own sets, which was the only reason they had these few sets on hand, and thinking that even batteries that didn’t fit inside your case would be better than none at all and at least could be made to work even if you could not take advantage of the portable feature by reason of having to hook them up outside the case, I bought them and am sending them to you as my Christmas gift. I am also going to see if I cannot secure the indoor serial gadget I saw in one of the stores, which the fellow said were unobtainable anymore when his present stock was exhausted. Aunt Betty’s little portable radio she keeps in the kitchen has not been working right, so I got one of these for her with the money you sent on for Christmas gifts, and it seems to be much better. Incidentally, she wants me to thank you for her. You gave Dave a pair of shoes he wanted very much and Elizabeth a kitchen apron. I am waiting as far as Dick is concerned to see if he gets into the service and will be guided as to the character of his gift from you accordingly. I have not heard from Dan and Lad yet as to what they would like. Of course I am eagerly awaiting news as to what the Juneau Board decided in your case and where you finally get located in living quarters. Along with the radio batteries I am including in the box a few items to help in your housekeeping activities – – not much, but enough to remind you to write me what else along the same line you would like that you cannot obtain already in Anchorage. I hope the first Christmas box has now reached you and that some of the bicycle gadgets are not too superfluous.


Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll post letters written during the time Biss spent her Junior year of high school in St. Petersburg, Florida, living with her Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley and her two children.

Judy Guion 


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