Trumbull – Today’s Program (1) – Ced and Dave – May, 1945

Ced and car - 1940 (3)-head shot

Trumbull, Conn., May 27, 1945

Dear Ced:

In my garden are many choice flowers, each having its own individuality and appeal. All have an especial appeal to me, although they differ one from another, making it difficult to name favorites, each being dominant in its own unique way. Lilacs, iris, rhododendron, roses, in their respective seasons, endear themselves in our hearts and leave enduring memories of their beauty and fragrance. So with my children – – choice flowers in the Guion garden. June 1st, my Alaskan “specialty” comes into full bloom, and the old gardener is particularly proud of his choice plant blooming now in the shadow of Arctic glaciers. “Ced, the Snow Drop” we might name him, but that would hardly do justice to the delight we take in the thought of the original. Of course, what I am trying to say, as you have long since surmised, is “Happy Birthday, son of mine.” (Maybe on second thought, having consideration for your stature, we might change this to “Sunflower”, which term would also hold implications not inappropriate to my big son that holds a similarly big place with his sunshiny disposition, in his father’s heart.) Anyway, good luck to you in the years ahead, boy of mine, and best regards from all of us here, but especially from your admiring DAD.

Dear Audience:

Today’s Program

          This week we are privileged to present the following in our cast of leading characters, who now appear for your entertainment and instruction. They need no introduction. They are, in order of their appearance:






          Next week we hope to bring you one who had been in retirement for some time. We refer to that famous star of by-gone weeks, Mr. C. D. G. of Alaska. Of course, there is another still more “retiring” in Brazil, who also hints at an interesting announcement which may be released for publication next week also. And we are also hoping to bring you soon another message from our little Dutch boy. Now on with the show.

Letter May 14th, received 23rd, (pretty good going from the Pacific)

“Dear A. D. and  Harem, Inc. First, apologies! I’ve been pretty busy, though, no kidding. Second, morale. Well that’s a good subject. It’s darned good but there is room for improvement. There’s a reason why it isn’t better but it’s a military reason – – not to be talked about. I can truthfully say, though, that my morale is still better than it was in the states – – and it was pretty good there. The mail situation isn’t as good as it might be – – but I guess there are more important things for boats and planes to carry over here. In one of your letters you devoted a paragraph to unapproached prospects in your business. I guess you know how much I’d like to be back there to help you (and Mrs. Rubsamen) keep business coming in with no slip-ups – – but if you can speculate on radio reports as well as you have in the past, you can’t help but come out on top. Don’t worry, Dad, it will all be over soon and I’ll be back to help out (make myself pretty important, don’t I?) I’m sorry I have to cut this short, but I’ve got to quit now – – I’ll try to write you again in a couple of days. Love to all. Dave.”

Two comments on the mail situation, and then on to the second act. Nine days from wherever you are to Trumbull in nine days is darned good going if you were to ask me. Letters from France don’t do any better than that and sometimes not so well. As for incoming mail, did you ever receive that belated Christmas box I mailed to you soon after you left Crowder? When it arrives I should be interested to have your comments on the state of preservation of contents and also your idea of the usefulness of the things in your present location. The other day I saw in Ligget’s a sort of movable shower effect – – and I wondered at the time whether something like this would come in useful in connection with your homemade bath room facilities. Are you troubled excessively with flies or mosquitoes?

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the second part of this letter and on Wednesday, the final portion. Thursday and Friday will be devoted to another letter from Grandpa to his sons.

Judy Guion


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