Trumbull – Dear Comrade (1) – War News From the High Command – July, 1941


The Gang at the Trumbull House - 1934

This picture of the gang was taken quite a few years before this letter was written, but many of the same people are in it. This is part of the area called the “Summer Porch”.

Trumbull, Conn.

July 20, 1941

Dear Comrade:

Now that the Nazis are temporarily halted before Pakov, Polotsk and Vitebsk, it gives me a little breathing spell to write to my boys in Alasvevitch, this being my usual Sunday afternoon communiqué.

In the home sector plans are proceeding on schedule. A few bombs were dropped during the week but did no damage. A loud explosion doing little military damage was caused by a bomb dropped in the mail by Uncle Sam and notifying Lad he was to appear in Shelton next Tuesday to take his physical examination after which, if he passes, will entitle him to an A-1 rating. Meantime, he has filled out an application for employment sent here by Pratt and Whitney of Hartford and we shall see what this brings.

A very pleasant barrage laid down by Gen. Cedricovisky of Anchorageovich was experienced in Trumbull with two letters arrived during the same week – – one mailed the eighth, arriving the 16th and the other mailed the 14th arriving on the 18th.

Gen. Hughes and staff have left for California, Mo., to spend a couple of weeks on furlough.

And that’s enough war news from the high command.

Your experiment in letter writing style change, Ced, seemed to go over very successfully. Aunt Betty remarked, “He always writes such interesting letters”, and it is interesting once in a while to get off a little distance and look at things in perspective. It sort of adds a little piquancy to the everyday dishes, good as they are, and as a tasty sauce to the roast beef of the week’s happening.

Every time the gang comes around, which happens about once a week, we have a letter reading bee to go over the latest happenings in the Alaskan wing of Trumbull. This last letter of yours has put Don Whitney on the qui veve. He wants to know more about that hotel you mentioned. How near completion is it? In fact all information, he says, that you can send will be interesting. Not that he thinks of going to Alaska necessarily, but he would like to get a job with some hotel just starting. So you see you may be more of a missionary for the local Chamber of Commerce that you imagine.

There are several matters you mentioned in the aforesaid number one letter on which I shall briefly comment. It’s too bad Rusty countermanded the sending of his unfinished Symphony as any word from this old Bozo would be good. How far is the place he is going to move to from Anchorage, and in which direction? (By the way, in addition to the trip history you are going to send, don’t forget you are still short of one air view of Anchorage and environs). And back again to Rusty. How about siccing him onto your log cabin discovery. It sounded good to me and I wished I could have been on that walk with you.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the rest of this letter. The rest of the week will be filled with another letter to Ced, “old reliable”, with lots of news from Trumbull.

Judy Guion



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