Trumbull – Dear Comrade (2) – War News From the High Command – July, 1941

This is the second half of a letter written by Grandpa to his sons in Alaska. Lad has returned from Venezuela and trying to find a job, but his draft status is causing a problem.


I read your letter to Carl about his bill and told him he had better mail you a duplicate. I’ll bet you have the original tucked away with my letter (if you keep them so long). By the way, when you sit down to write and don’t know what to say, which is frequently my trouble, I would suggest your going back over my old letters and pick up some of the unanswered questions or perhaps bring some of your former answers up to date. I don’t like to be tiresome or I could point out that, from time to time, questions are asked in letters that are not asked merely out of idle curiosity nor an attempt to fill up the page but are really things I would like to know, and somehow, when it comes to writing home most things, or to be fair, some of these things don’t get answered because they have probably been overlooked. You are better in this regard that Daniel the dip or Dickie the dop.

The money order arrived safely and calls forth my sincere and hearty thanks, nonetheless hearty because it is a frequent occurrence. I also appreciate your thinking of my culinary efforts and securing the recipe. There is one thing I do not get on this and would be glad if you would clear it up next time you see Ruth. That is the matter of flour. There is one item: 2 tablespoons full of flour and 1 1/2 cups of boiling flour. What is boiling flour? That is a new one to this amateur.

Another question to clear up a bit of ignorance on my part is, “What is meant by instrument rating”? What makes this difficult to obtain? And in this connection I received and remailed to you another lot of government circulars in answer to my former inquiry of the CAA. I did not open the package so if there is anything I need to do or any further information you want just let me know. I did not read the copy of Streit’s new book I sent you, but I’m glad to know you like it. I shall have to try to get a copy from the library and bring myself up to date. Tell Dan I received the copy of Alaskan Life with the illustration of you boys in it.

The Trumbull Carnival started up last night in the same old location although it looks quite different this year because they have awning like projections over each booth and those inside are in covered tents. It was lucky this was so because they had a baptism of rain last night, not long or steady but two husky showers. In spite of that fact, there was a fairly good crowd for the first night, according to Dave who was the only member of the family who attended the festivities.

Helen Plumb call me up the other day and asked if Lad was still interested in buying her father’s car. I passed the word on to Lad who talked to Helen about it but has not yet looked it over. I don’t know what happened since. You know Lad. I have to instigate a formal inquiry before news is forthcoming. Lad and Dave spent most of this morning cleaning and polishing my car inside and out and I hardly knew it when they got through. It looked as though somebody had presented me with a new Buick.

Aunt Betty just came in and asked me to “Send all the boys her love” the coquette. And this seems an appropriate note on which to write finale to this rather rambling note which will nevertheless assure you that our hearts still beat warmly when we think of the absent ones. Tell Dan and Dick to write soon.


For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting a 3-page letter to “old reliable”, a definite reference to Ced in Anchorage. This letter is filled with lots of news about the happenings in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


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