Trumbull – Dear Old Reliable (1) – Fireman’s Carnival – July, 1941

Grandpa is writing this letter to Ced, in Alaska, knowing that Dan and Dick will also read it.


July 27, 1941

Dear “old reliable”:

I thought I was going to miss out on a letter from you this week, but lo and behold, on Saturday morning your letter postmarked July 22 was delivered into my hands by post mistress Kurtz, and as ever, was right welcome, forsooth.

It was just in time, too, as far as Carnival car tickets were concerned and set a right good example for as I was writing your name on two of the five books that were left with me to sell, Lad came along and said he had not yet taken any chances so I told him if he would take a book I would. “Done”, he says in his quiet tone. That was too much for Dave, so he too filled in the last book, and presto at the 11th hour, five books, my total quota, all sold out. The sequel is not so happy, for late last night Dave came back from the Carnival with the news that Carlton Shepherd, the young (10-yr-old ?) son of Web Shepherd had been the fortunate one. Well, it was a lousy looking car anyway for a new Ford. (sour grapes) And of course, being a Ford, you would not have wanted it anyway. Oh well, we all contributed to a good cause. Someday, just by the law of averages, your lucky number will be pulled out of the hat and will give you a shocking surprise. I will bear your instructions in mind about taking potshots now and then on cars, but the season is getting along and many of the carnivals are over.

After supper last night Lad felt like going to the movies and asked me to go along. We chose the Warner Cameo, thinking the air-conditioning would make it more pleasant. The main picture, starring Cagney and Bette Davis in “The Bride Came C.O.D.”  ( was only fair, but the companion picture, “Shining Victory” ( ), was pretty good. Lad said he saw the same picture in Venezuela under another name. After returning from Bridgeport we stopped at the Carnival for a while. Mrs. Shadick was there and told me the Chandlers were visiting Doug’s folks in Malone but were returning the first week in August.

This morning’s paper contains notice of the death of Dwight Wheeler who passed away last night with a heart attack. I am wondering who will now direct the destinies of the Acme Shear Co.

George Lipovsky’s sister was married yesterday so Dave and I ran the office alone for that day.

Dick will be interested in the following item. Paul Warden the tenant in the apartment with his wife and son) has been very much interested in building model railway trains, and had just perfected a particularly difficult and expensive star exhibit which you carefully placed away upstairs in his bedroom. Now it so happens that Mrs. Warden is expecting an interesting event happened in September and while she is in the hospital having a date with the stork, Paul’s sister, with her three children, are expected to take possession of the apartment to look over Paul and Skipper, so in order to talk over arrangements and look over the ground, as it were, his sister and her three children stopped in for a visit the other day. While the two mothers were talking things over, the children found their way upstairs, and what more natural than they discover the model exhibits. When Paul found them Skipper (his son) was just putting the finishing touches on the star exhibit by crushing it under his heel. To quote the Bible “there was crying and gnashing of teeth” !

I understand from Barbara, who stopped in for a few moments yesterday afternoon, that the two genes, dot Mackenzie and Barbara are taking a cottage for one week in August at one of the Milford beaches where they expect to have a perfectly gorgeous female party.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting another section of this letter and will complete the letter on Friday. 

Judy Guion

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