Trumbull – Dear Old Reliable (3) – Summer Plans are Nebulous – July, 1941

This is the final piece of a letter written by Grandpa to Ced in Alaska in July of 1941.

pp pic 1

Today I came across one of the old dollar bills they used to use and I am sending it along for Dick’s birthday so that he may put it in his folder on his 21st birthday and keep it there as a souvenir and also so that he may never be without a dollar on his person.

I got quite a thrill, Ced, out of your plane trip to Farewell Lake, and particularly the trip back where you piloted the ship after you got through the pass, I was hoping you would land the ship, but I suppose that would not have been proper under the circumstances. Can you credit the hour or so you flew to your record as so much more flying time? And it was a coincidence that this was on your year’s anniversary.

Maybe you will have the same good luck as you did last time finding a place to eat. I’d like to hear more from Rusty. Ask him if I can do anything in the East here regarding his girl, making any arrangements, for her or doing anything at all.

I appreciate your inquiry about my hay fever. No, it has not bothered me much so far, but the real time comes about August 20th when ragweed pollen begins to float around in the air.

At the office things are going along fairly well. We are doing quite a lot of label work for Wheeler Wire at a good profit. George has rigged up the multi-graph so that instead of turning orders over to the printer we are turning out labels on our own machine, and as they are very busy turning out parts for florescent lights which are very popular now, we get orders several times a month for various labels from 10,000 to 60,000 at a clip. Then too, there seems to be considerable call for Addressograph stencil cutting lately. We have just finished cutting 5000 plates for Bridgeport Brass and have another order for 4500 waiting to be done for the Boy Scouts, besides the regular orders for Lee Brothers, and the smaller lots of various clubs and organizations. Dave is working in quite well on this. What I really need more than anything else is someone on the selling end and Dave said tonight he would be interested in tackling that.

Plans for the summer are rather nebulous. Lad’s status is really the determining factor. If he gets a job with United Aircraft or some other defense industry, that will exempt him from the draft. On the other hand he may get his call anytime, which again will be definite. I had some idea we might take a trip to see Anne, perhaps calling on the Chandlers or relatives in Washington en route, and possibly coming back through Morgantown, West Virginia, where Ruth Noer and her mother are (Rudolph’s mother) but there is nothing definite.

Lad said what he would really like to do would be to go to Alaska to see you boys, but time and expense make that inexpedient.

We have had a fair share of rain this summer and in consequence, without you fellows to keep everlastingly at grass cutting, it has gotten ahead of us, particularly in front and especially outside of our dilapidated hedge.

If Lad gets called into the Army, what are the chances of your Dad coming to Anchorage and getting a job, renting the house here meanwhile? That would be Dave’s dream.


Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll post letters Bissie has written to her Dad while she is living in St. Petersburg, Florida with her Aunt Anne (Peabody) Stanley and her two children.

Judy Guion


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