Trumbull – Bringing the Guion Family Up To Date – Jan., 1943

January 10, 1943

Bringing the Guion family up to date

Alfred  (Lad)   28 years old last April. Corporal, Ordnance Dept. of Army, up to the  middle of last month was stationed in Aberdeen, Md., where he has been teaching an advanced course in diesel engineering, — a subject with which he is thoroughly familiar and likes. Was sent to Flint, Mich., to observe Gen. Motors teaching methods in same subject, to resume his                   instruction work there. Address:

Cpl. Alfred P. Guion

Camp Santa Anita

Arcadia, Calif.

Daniel            27 last October. Has technical rating as corporal of Engineers, now doing  surveying work for U. S. Army near Lancaster, Pa. Gets home frequently  and is enjoying Army life. Address:

Cpl. Daniel B. Guion

Co. D, 30th Engineers

Lancaster, Pa.

Cedric           25 last June. Rated 1-A in draft but up to present still a civilian. Is mechanic in Alaskan airplane transportation company for almost 2 years. Holds airplane mechanics license and is learning to fly. Address:

Cedric D. Guion

P.O. Box 822

Anchorage, Alaska

Elizabeth        24 this January 6th. Married, two fine little sons – – Raymond (3) and Martin (1½). Own their own home. Husband works in Singer Sewing Machine factory. Address:

Mrs. Raymond Zabel

142 Cornwall St.

Stratford, Conn.

Richard (Dick) 22 last August. In class 1-A but up to yesterday has been deferred because of work as machinist in Bridgeport factory. Next Tuesday takes his physical examination for induction. Wants to get in Signal Corps. Lives at home.

David           17 last September. A Junior in high school where he is taking a commercial course, enjoying it and doing well in his studies. Works at my  office every afternoon where he is of considerable help in these days of  labor shortage. Singing in local church choir.

(As far as the old man himself, outside of time spent in making out multitudinous government forms and reports, he is trying to earn enough to buy a quarter pound of butter occasionally when there is any for sale, and still have sufficient remaining for an occasional package of pipe tobacco. Address:

                   (Home) P.O. Box 7, Trumbull, Conn.

                     (Office) Alfred D Guion & Co., Inc., 871 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn.


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