Trumbull – My Dear Little Pills – Jan., 1943

Trumbull House in winter - (cropped) - 1940

 Trumbull, Conn., Jan. 31, 1943

My dear little pills:

No, there is nothing intentionally derogatory in the use of this title in your case. Contrary to what your conscience may suggest, it is not a sly dig at the unanimous absence of letters from the (non) fighting fronts. It is just my playful little way of starting the letter this week, inspired by an account I read of some of the American bombers that visited Berlin the other day. It seems it is the habit of giving pet names to each of the bombing planes, and one in command of an officer named Carter had been christened “Carter and his little pills”, which appealed to me as being a typically appropriate bit of American humor. An English official report the other day also revealed their sense of humor. It said, “This year our army entered Bengazi one week earlier than usual”.

Barbara just popped in, Dan, and asked me to enclose the blue slip here with, giving information about the Spanish paper, La Prensa, which on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, conducts a course in Spanish. A three month subscription costs a $1.50 but that may be only on the days mentioned. The address is 245 Canal St., N. Y. City.

Last Monday I had a nice long letter from Ced. (By the way, Monday was Marty’s birthday and Biss asked us all over there for dinner in celebration (including Jean (Hughes) and Barbara (Plumb). Dave had some pop eye 8mm movie films which he had used the day before for his Young People’s Group, which he showed for the edification of your nephews. Well, to get back to Ced’s letter. He says his status with the Army vs Woodley remains unchanged with the possible exception of a rumor to the effect that no change will take place, which is probably authentic, as it comes from the company lawyer who is interested in the case. He mentions also the hectic time he had keeping a New Year’s appointment, the very uncomfortable apartment he has had to put up with and local Christmas gifts received. I wonder if in some letter I may not have received, you mentioned, Ced, receiving the Christmas box from home. Two were sent to you and as far as I know, neither have yet reached you. While they didn’t contain much, it was at least evidence that we hadn’t forgotten you. This week I expect to get another package off to you. On your housekeeping supplies I will be interested in your comments on the several gadgets sent, which mention of any other little things that would be acceptable, as merchandise of all kinds is getting shorter and harder to procure.

Barbara, on account of her psoriasis, was unable to pass her physical exam for the Spars and was naturally quite disappointed. Dan’s 10-day furlough expired all too quickly and he is now back again at Camp. Lad is either pretty busy with his work or with social activities, as I have not heard from him since he wrote on January 9th.

Red (Sirene) is through with school and expects to be drafted any week now. At present he and Dick are both gentlemen of leisure. We have had a small blizzard here for a couple of days. The big driveway is still trackless but the sun today melted quite a bit of snow. Business with me this month has been very poor. I’ve also had one of those hang-on colds, so I’ll quit and go to bed.


This weekend, I’ll be posting more letters from Biss, in Florida, to her Dad, regarding her life with her Aunt Anne (Peabody Stanley) and Don and Gwen, Aunt Anne’s children.

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