Family – Birthday Wishes to Ced – June, 1945


Elizabeth (Biss) Guion Zabel

Elizabeth Westlin (Guion) Zabel


Sunday Aft.

4:40 P.M.


Dear Ced —

Just a short note to wish you a Happy Birthday. I thought (Butch was pestering me there, I made a mistake) of you yesterday and was going to write you a note then but I got busy washing the walls here in the kitchen and didn’t get the time. I should be washing this floor right now but I don’t feel ambitious enough at present so I’m not going to bother. I got a letter from Barby (Barbara Plumb) this past week and she mentioned that she had gotten a letter from Dan in which he said he only needs 71 points so I don’t know what they will do with him. She has only 41 and is longing to come home on a furlough and then get to another theater of war. That must mean the Pacific. She said she wouldn’t want to be kept in the states. I also got a letter from Dave, which I have to answer this afternoon and they cut half of it out so it didn’t make much sense. He was talking about morals. Zeke went up to get his physical this past Thursday and his papers were stamped with “general service” but I doubt very much that they will take him as the quotas are very light from his board. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens – it’s pretty late for him to go

Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion

Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion

in now tho’. I guess Jean is pretty thrilled about going to S.A. (South America) to join Dick – I imagine she will go around Aug. or Sept. Dad has probably told you about it in a letter to you. Another thing he probably mentioned is that it is a horribly disagreeable day today. We had snow flurries here this past week. Mrs. Zabel lost all her string beans, two tomato plants, her strawberries, and I believe her grapes. Imagine having freezing weather in June! So is it as bad up there too? We had some flatfish for dinner this noon that’s Zeke caught this morning. He is going to go out again next Sunday. I think I’ll cut this letter short as the kids are slowly driving me nuts! They have had two fights already since I started this letter and they are being a general nuisance – they keep hitting my arm and touching the ink etc. I wish it were nice out so I could kick them both outside. They have been heckling both Zeke and myself to go up to Trumbull but Zeke took a snooze and neither one of us feels like going out. Zeke just suggested going down to Tomlinson’s for a hotdog but I don’t want to go unless he goes too. It’s raining and I don’t feel like standing in line for 15 minutes just to get a hotdog. I weigh 117 ½ pounds now and am feeling much better as a whole than I did back in January. The kids haven’t been sick once since I had their tonsils out last Nov. Of course they have had one or two slight colds – but no fever or anything. Well, I’ll write you again sometime when I have the time and when I have something to say – which isn’t very often.



P.S. I had a swell time when I went to New York with the girls or did I tell you that in my last letter?  B

Tomorrow and Sunday, two more letters from Biss while she was living in St. Petersburg in 1934-35. Next week I’ll be posting letters written in 1941

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