Dear Away-From-Homers (2) – Two Requests – Aug., 1941

Dan in white jacket in AlaskaPage 2 of 8/3/41

Danny boy, if your old Dad should mention that he would very much like to have another letter from you soon, do you suppose you could squeeze out a little teeny bit of time to satisfy his perfectly natural fatherly desires? Of course the same goes for Dick also, but I expect he will be writing me soon anyway to let me know what packages have arrived by mail. The last one went early this week and I hope it reaches Alaska before the 19th. My old faithful Ced gives me a warm feeling around the heart every time I think of him and his faithfulness in writing. I did not receive a letter from any of you this week, but it is just possible there is one waiting for me that arrived Saturday afternoon as I did not get over to the store before it closed.

I wish you boys severally and individually would do two things for me. According to inside reports from Washington, there is going to be a very severe shortage of all sorts of merchandise from now on, increasing in severity until by the time Christmas shopping time arrives, those things made of metal or containing metal will practically be unobtainable. The urge to do your Christmas shopping early will have real meaning behind it, and for that reason I want to start this month “to go while the going is good”. You have been in Alaska through one winter so that you ought to know pretty well what you would like to have in case you all plan to spend another Christmas in Anchorage. So won’t you please each take me seriously and if need be, humor the old man a bit, by setting down the list of those things that you would like to have Santa drop down the chimney for you.

That’s one thing. The other one you can all jointly share in as sort of detectives, with Ced as the chairman of the committee. From what you wrote me a while ago, Rusty is to send for his future wife and set up housekeeping. If there is one old pal above all others I feel like doing something for, it’s Rusty, particularly on an occasion like this. Undoubtedly there will be many things along the housekeeping line that they will lack when they start in. Undoubtedly you will be invited to visit them. Without revealing your purpose keep your eyes open for those things that would be most welcome as a wedding gift, preferably items they would like very much to have but are unable to get for themselves until some distant future date. Give me as wide a choice as possible which ought to be easy in their case, under the circumstances. Naturally I shall be very much interested in your opinion of the girl, whom I have never met and only know from a very sketch few minutes conversation with Rusty on the subject.

I was interrupted in the paragraph above by the arrival of Mr. Smithson, who has persuaded a neighbor of his to bring over some ladders so he can start painting the barn beginning next Tuesday.

If Dr. Laszlo’s plans go through I expect he will be leaving this month some time for a trip to Alaska. Where he is going and when he expects to arrive in Anchorage, if at all, I do not know but will endeavor to find out and write you of it.

Lad has successfully passed his physical exam and is now in class 1-A. His number is 699. I am hoping it is way down on the list. If it will hold off until next April it will be okay.


For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting another letter with birthday wishes for Dick from friends and family.

Judy Guion


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