Trumbull – Happy Twenty-first (1) – Aug., 1941

Trumbull, Conn.

August 10, 1941


Dear Dick:

Will have to write you a letter all by yourself this time in view of the fact that the next edition will not reach you until after you have attained to man’s estate, so, to put it another way, this is the last letter this Dad will write to his “boy”. And let me add parenthetically that I hope I will get more letters from my man child Dick that I have from the youth of that name.

Hello Dick: I’m up in Trumbull this afternoon and am just in time to join the others in wishing you a Happy Birthday. It’s odd to think that so soon you will be 21. Hope you’re enjoying the work on the airbase… It sounds interesting!    Uncle Burton

Dear Dick: here is Aunt Dorothy wishing you a Happy Birthday and all the trimmings. Lots of love to you and to Dan and Ced. Aunt Dee

Dear Dick: and so it is close to your birthday again….Well, I hope it will be the happiest one you ever had and that it will be so for the next 99 years. I am so glad that you are in Alaska with the other two. It must be lots of fun and very interesting. Lots of love to you, Dan and Cedric. Aunt Helen.

Grandmother sends lots of love to you and best wishes for a very Happy Birthday.

Ricardo: como esta? I was going to write to you in Spanish, but due to the fact that this dam__d typewriter has no facilities for writing in Spanish such as inverted questions, accents, etc., I had to give it up as a bad job. However, that still does not hinder me from writing a little to you in English, does it? I thought that it was hard to write on my little machine when I first got it, but this ding –blasted machine is by far the worst of the two, get it? Well, any hoo, here is what I started to say in the beginning, Happy Birthday, and may the best of them come to you over and over again.

S.S.S. Al  (to you, Lad)

“Lo — I am now waiting for Don Whitney, Jean H., And Evelyn to come back, so I can go up to the Black Rock State Park. Red is here waiting for the same bunch as I. When asked to write you a letter he said he wouldn’t write ‘til he got a letter from you. “Ask him if he has a Charlie horse in his finger” is what Red wants to know. I’ll write a real letter to you some day. Dave…..

Hello, you old buzzard. I repented my harsh words because I could not stand the thought of my being responsible for giving you a broken heart. As you may know I’m working on the highway for the summer. Tell Dan that Charles Miller is asking for him. Maybe he remembers the old horse-faced wit of the highway gang. Charles got a letter from you but he’s hoarding it. If you’re too drafty brothers get into the Army, you’ll have all the plump Eskimos to yourself, and you’ll get tired of being all alone and maybe you will come home or better still, stay there and write me a letter. Happy draft age.

R.F. (F for fool) Sirene

Tomorrow, another segment of this long letter from Grandpa and friends in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


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