Trumbull – Dear Bachelor Sons – Feb., 1943


Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion

Jean (Mortensen) Guion

Trumbull, Conn., Feb. 28, 1943

Dear Bachelor Sons:

Dick has been home all of this week, enjoying his state of married bliss which Jean has been sharing with him as much as being away from him with a cold can fulfill that specification, and tomorrow he departs again from Shelton to begin his training seriously to materialize the four freedoms. Jean, meantime, has decided to take up her abode with us so that she can be here when Dick comes home on furloughs, and because she has here a room all to herself, which she did not have at her home, where she can more or less be on her own, and then, too, most of her girl friends are in Trumbull, the bus passes the door here where it does not travel so close to her Stratford home, etc. As Dave, latterly, has been working at the Algonquin Club from 5 on setting up their menus on the multi-graph and along with it all, enjoys a first-class club dinner, with Dick gone, it would have left to elderly and sedate people to take the evening meal in a house that for so many years has echoed to the sound of young folks. So Jean will serve as one tenuous link with the past.

At dinner today, after putting away the broiled chicken, sweet potatoes, ice cream, cake, etc., I presented to Dick, on Ced’s behalf, a much delayed Christmas gift in the form of a money belt, as well as a compact toilet kit, emergency sewing kit, etc. After dinner, Red (Sirene) came in and they went out and took some snapshots, which I shall await and, if they turn out well, shall send you each prints of the “newlyweds”. Of course their plans are of necessity quite vague, but I know Dick has in the back of his mind the prospect of going to Alaska, “when the lights go on all over the world”.

Catherine Warden, sometime after the middle of March, goes to the hospital for an operation, taking the children to her sister’s in Mass. for the time she will be away.

Thanks, Dan, for your “quickie”, and also for the razor blades. I had hoped you would be able to get home this week and to break a bottle of champagne over the bow of the S.S. Richard, as he left the ways, but I hear that Paul sort of substituted for you last Friday with a bottle of rye replacing the conventional medium. I think Dick has arranged to sell his car, on time, to Bob Strobel, for something over $100, which leads me quite naturally to the thought of your car, Dan, and whether, now that March 1st is at the threshold and a new car license is due, you want me to renew it for you or allow things to rest in status quo. Instruct me as to your wishes, son.

The whole family was invited to supper at the Mortensen’s last Thursday, which we all enjoyed very much. They are very nice and I like them all. On the way over, in my Buick, I had a flat. Luckily, I had, a while previously, obtained authorization from the local rationing board to purchase two new tires so Carl got busy at once and tomorrow I expect to be the proud possessor of two new second grade tires, which is all I am allowed.

Thanks, Lad, for the prompt follow through on last week’s letter. It was very interesting reading. At present, Carl has it, but I expect to get it back tomorrow and pass it around to others, including Babe (Cecelia Mullins, Lad’s girlfriend), whom I saw at Center school Tuesday when I got #2 ration books.

And now may peace be upon you and blessings from your               DAD

Tomorrow I’ll post a letter from Lad, who has been in California for a couple of months.

Judy Guion


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