Trumbull – News From Dan and Dave – June, 1945


Jean (Mortensen) Guion and Marian (Irwin) Guion

June, 1945

Trumbull, Conn., June 17, 1945.

Dear Sons:

This week, through the courtesy of the censor, marks the high spot in the way of news letters from Dan and Dave, as you will readily agree after reading the attached copies, which I have prepared for your perusal. By comparison, anything I am prompted to write about affairs at home here seems puerile and quite unworthy of mention. From Lad’s letters to Marian, and the fact that in his case, the censorship has not been lifted in itself seems significant, it seems that he is again now in Southern France, which would seem to be a convenient shipping point to those going east by way of the Suez Canal. Of course he can say nothing definite but, and I hope I am wrong, it looks as though he might be headed in Dave’s direction without even the benefit of the 30-day furlough en route via the U.S. Nothing new in the Dick-Jean prospect, and that tall Alaskan hasn’t yet come through with a letter. Elizabeth and family are O.K. Aunt Betty has a coughy cold which bothers her more toward the end of the day. Marian and Jean are A-1, in all ways, which is their natural state, and I’m still paddling around as usual. That seems to sum up the whole family in brief shape.

In addition to the absorbingly interesting copies of letters enclosed, Dan writes (May 20) “Please send me a Sears Roebuck catalog for Paulette. It just occurred to me that there is no better medium for acquainting her with what is available these days in America. Because we don’t communicate very frequently these days with Paris, I hear very little from Chiche. Mail service is hardly even sporadic. I have ordered portrait photos to be made from proofs I have already seen. They are highly satisfactory. I await their delivery from Drancy (a suburb of Paris in which we have been stationed, near Le Bourget airport). So far, my vote for the best country in Europe goes to Belgium. The frank friendliness of France is combined with the cleanliness of northern Europe. Those troops who have been in Brussels say it is just like an American city. I have seen Liege but not Brussels. Liege is not very pretty as a city but it is very friendly and quite lively. It has suffered rather heavily from buzz-bombing. I’m keeping in good health. Be seeing you ere long. Dan.

And Dave (June 3rd) I got your letter dated the 13th on May 30th. I wish you’d use APO 331 instead of 18397, which was a shipping No. and takes your letters all over the Pacific before they get here – – making your letters arrive about two weeks later than they ordinarily would. Lad seems to be leading a “rough” life. I’m not jealous of course, heh. In one letter he tells of being served in a restaurant by French waitresses. In the next he tells of “picking up a pass” and going to an airport and after a lot of trouble, getting a ride in an Army plane. What kind of a war are they fighting over there, anyhow? Sound bitter, don’t I? Heh, heh. The rumors are thick around here nowadays. Here are some of them:

1 – The war will be over tonight (6/3/45) by 2400.

2 – do. by July 15th (most popular one).

3 – do. on June 8th.

4 – do, by June 12th (this prediction made by the man who said E.T.O. war would be over on May 8th)

5 – do. – June 30th

Take your choice – – I am satisfied with any of them. No news from here. Morale still high – – plenty to gripe about but it’s all harmless.

Mrs. Sirene expects Red home on a three-day furlough soon en route to the Pacific. We’ve had August weather here for the past three days. Today, being Father’s Day, I received quite an unexpected celebration from my “harem” – three handkerchiefs (one from Elsie), a shirt, a necktie and a pair of summer pajamas; also an English-French dictionary (page Paulette, please) with ice cream for dessert and a grape drink this afternoon. It was a real occasion. Dave, I passed your message onto Mrs. Kintop. She was interested in learning Dan was in Holland. Dan, I will see if Sears Roebuck will mail one of their catalogs overseas. Will also check on camera repairs requested.



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