Life in Alaska – President Roosevelt’s Misguided Children – Aug., 1941

Ced and car - 1940 (3)-head shot

Monday, July eleventh

President Roosevelt’s misguided children:

As I hope you suspected, work has added up to such a degree lately that I have been unable to find time to write for the past two weeks. Naturally I’m sorry, but business is bizzness, don’t you know? Ach! Yes, ain’t it the truth.

Tonight I sneak a moment to whisper a few uninteresting and probably rambling thoughts on this, that and the foreign situation.

Dad – I’ve just exhumed your last three letters and will now take time to reread them   “bzzzz  bzzzzz” That’s done, and here are the items for your information:

Letter One

  1. A1 – draft – I see that Alfred is just about in and it’s my pity he has, but in case I haven’t told you, Dan and I are right in there with him. Dan’s number is 190, mine 202. As the first draftees are supposed to go into encampment on October 15th in Alaska, the original number set at 600 from Anchorage, it looks as though there will be a showdown daw gone soon. 190 and 202 are bound to be in the running, and deference is not likely in either case as far as we can see. Anchorageites will encamp here at Fort Richardson if drafted. I may land in San Quentin, hey hey.
  2. Don W –hotel – I have failed Don miserably so far, but if I get a chance I’ll make inquiries and send him a deserved letter on the subject.
  3. Talkeetna – Rusty’s new home is about 150 miles north of Anchorage on the Alaska R?R (excuse foolish punctuation please)
  4. Airview – that will come eventually, have patience, I haven’t forgotten.
  5. Carl’s bill – thanks for taking care of this, and I disciplined myself to the extent of looking up the old one and actually found it. It was way out of kilter with the new one, and I shall send Carl both bills with payment in full and also a blistering broadside on his questionable character. Just tell him to hold his hat.
  6. Recipe – I am ashamed of you father, for your seeming ignorance in the case of the boiling flour. Ruth and Louise got a great lot of fun at yours and Ruth’s expense. Even I knew as soon as I read your question on the item, that it should have been boiling water, not boiling flour. Ruth confirmed this amid tears of laughter. For clarification – 2 tablespoons full of flour and 1 1/2 cups of boiling water. Put that in your oven and smoke it!
  7. Instrument rating – an instrument rating is the rating a commercial pilot has to have before he can fly an airplane equipped with instruments for blind flying. In Alaska, most of the flying is “contact” where the pilot flies from beacons and landmarks on the ground. Instrument flying is supposed to be possible without ever looking out a window from the time you set foot in the pilot compartment. Radio beams, signals and highly sensitive instruments accomplish all the necessary gathering of information to enable the pilot to take off, fly to his destination and land without so much as a glance at the exterior air or terrain. It is difficult to obtain an instrument rating for such as I because the pilot has to be excellent in astronomy, mathematics and two-way radio operation. So far I am poorly equipped on all three scores, and that is why I made the statement which caused you to inquire about the rating.

Letter Two

  1. Car tickets – thanks for filling out the car tickets for me, and keep up the good work. I judged from your report that you purchased two dollar’s worth in my name. Let me know if that’s wrong, and in the meantime I’ll send you a money order covering my monthly bit and this

The letter ends here and it appears that the second page is missing.

Handwritten note along edge of paper: By turning over this paper you may discover something which caused much gnashing of teeth and chagrin – Love from toodlumm

I don’t know what happened to the rest of this letter. The handwritten note along the edge of the paper refers to the fact that when Ced was typing this letter he had the carbon paper reversed so that the carbon copy is actually on the reverse side of the original.

Tomorrow, a letter from Rusty and then two letters from Grandpa to his son’s in Alaska.

Judy Guion


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