Friends – Rusty’s Thoughts on the War – Aug., 1941

I have a very hard time deciphering Rusty’s handwriting. Even though I have read more of his letters, I still have to leave a few blanks. Half the time, I don’t know if he’s serious or just joking.

Rusty - Rusty at his painting cabin - 1979 (2)

Rusty outside his studio

CDG - Rusty's letter about Dan and Moose Hunt - Aug., 1941

Eklutna, Alaska

August, 1941

Dear Cedric,

Just a line to thank you for your prompt reply to my letter. You’re a chip off the old block all right and he still is as solid in friendship as any Hickory that grows.

As for the painting I will start it tomorrow – incidentally, have you a picture of yourself on skis? If you have such a snapshot and a close-up about it………… I think a foreground of a skier or two would make a good composition.

If Dan was serious about a trip up here tell him to make it early in September for now that you all are not restauranting, you could occasionally find some moose meat in your room. And tell him to get in touch with Fred at Hosler’s who was also interested in a moose hunt up here. I can surely see to it you’re ambidextrous brother and Fred will get a moose up here. If they can get together on a hunt with me I will know where to expect them and plan for the hunt. Had a swell feed of moose liver for dinner tonight. The season opens in September as you probably know so do not let this news go out of your trusting circle of brothers. And tell Dan that I can put Fred and him up quite comfortably. Dan should bring blankets for himself or a sleeping bag or a bottle of Teachers whiskey.

A stone’s throw from here there was a cub bear held by a heavy chain which got away. A few days later my next door neighbor went with another neighbor to clean fish traps. I’m passing his fish house he saw a cub entering the establishment of smoked fish. “It’s George’s, cub” said one to the other. “I’ll go and get him”. The cub was inside. The friend got close to the fish house, he changed his mind for then, most suddenly, out jumped another bear and two cubs seeking a slab of salmon. The mother carried one and was bellowing loudly. Well, this was the worst crime that can be committed where the survival of the fittest gives man with an over and under rifle the upper hand and within two hours from the time my friend saw mistaken in cubs, the three bears were attacked on his cabin wall and their meat free to certain dogs in town. Last night I was kept awake for some time due to the howling of Husky dogs hungry for more bear meat.

About 25 people in town this summer…….. Opened a window to hear better but could not tell at first what it was – I think I’ll open up another bottle of beer. But I must not imbibed too much as I have to get up early – get this and other letters off on the – – – there it goes again – – – a muffled up and down scale like the far distant howl of a Timberwolf – as if it were the only living creature on earth. But is it a wolf? I’ll wait a while to hear. I can get it more distinctly – there, again it goes  __________ oh how stupid of me. I got it clearly that time – it was my stomach.

Important news on the radio at 4 AM tomorrow and an exposé of the world’s worst kept secret. I wonder if it has any connection with Rudolf Hess. The world has long forgotten him. He went to England for a purpose. I think I know that purpose but have already written too many words concerning him to friends of mine back home to go over it all again. But will we be plunged into war tomorrow? Will you and the other youths be able to hold to conviction? Well Cedric, stand up on your feet and fight for your cause and believe this, that we that have cause will always be in the minority but will be greater appreciated for having had them when snob philosophy of the mentally weak majority sees its mistakes in and only in the passing of time needed for facts and truths to sink in and take effect.

This is a war of ideologies – the service of ideas. It is only the beginning of this war. We must see it this way or it is not intelligent reasoning. One cannot be intelligent today unless he or she is politically intelligent and the end will not be with Germany whipping Russia or the USSR while in Germany. And when Germany is exhausted fighting Russia, the end will not come there for it is a big fight for Russia in any event and a clashing of ideologies to go on from there – England is not on the side of the USSR and neither is the USA. A final gang up of all capitalistic countries will face the Soviet Union and she will be used and already used to the furtherance of capitalistic aims. The Pope will see to that and money has a thing or two to say in this war of ideologies – a fight for supremacy in world economy and international satisfaction. But now my lamp is burning low as I am just getting high –

Good night &

Good luck &

Best to all –


Rusty was introduced to the family during his time in Westport, Ct, lived with Ced in Alaska for a while, remained in contact with Grandpa after moving to Alaska and his family originally owned our Island on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

The rest of the week will be filled with letters from Grandpa to his three sons away from home.

Judy Guion


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