Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure (2) – The First Few Days – July, 1934

Cedric Duryee Guion

Cedric Duryee Guion


Dear Dad:

At the present time I am in Ossining with Grandma and Burton (his Mother’s brother) and Aunt Dorothy (her sister), who came up for one or two days.

After leaving Trumbull, Burnham’s (Rufus Burnham, neighbor from Mount Vernon)  got their Aunt who was staying with their uncle (who, by the way, is connected with Success Park Development) and we made the trip to about 15 or 20 miles from Dan’s camp in peace. After leaving Dan and drinking tepid lemonade we started on and went up hill exactly 1 1/2 miles where we ran out of gas. We got the car turned around after much pushing and coasted all the way back down the hill and a few feet further to a gas station, and there stood Dan. We started on and about 5 miles further reached Brady’s Camp. We journeyed the rest of the way in peace.

That night, of course, I slept at Burnham’s and the next day I fixed the generator, tightened a rattle, and greased the springs on the car as Mr. Burnham was going to Boston the next day. I was glad to do something in payment for the hospitality.

That afternoon I started to New York with Brady who was going to Lewis’ in New Rochelle to see operator 13. I stopped and saw Marian; missed Larry (Larry Peabody, Arla’s brother and his wife Marian); Aunt Anne (Stanley, Arla’s sister) was out so I started for the city. After walking about 2 miles a man picked me up and carried me to the 42nd and Grand Central subway, which I took into the city.

I saw Aunt Betty (Duryee, Grandpa’s Mother’s sister) and Aunt Elsie (Duryee, Grandpa’s sister) and later Helen (Peabody Human, another of Arla’s sisters) and Ted (Human). I stayed with Helen and Ted for supper and bed.

Tuesday I went to lunch with Aunt Dorothy (Peabody, Arla’s youngest sister) who took me to see “Sorrell and Son” and “Here Comes The Groom”, both good. That night I ate with Aunt Betty (Duryee, Grandpa’s Mother’s sister) in an open air restaurant and she gave me the choice of the Empire States Tour or more Radio City Music Hall. I took the latter and we saw “Whom The God’s Destroy” and a marvelous vaudeville.

I slept again with H and T (Helen and Ted Human) and Wednesday went to the News Building where I had nowhere near enough time (someday I would like to see it again in more detail). I ate with Aunt Elsie (Duryee, Grandpa’s sister) and started out for Ossining. I went as far as Yonkers on the subway and was picked up after walking about 2 miles. I was carried on this ride with two elderly women, one of whom had a son or somebody at West Point, and they both seemed like nice people. They took me about a fifth of the way and that I walked about four or 5 miles almost to Tarrytown where I was again picked up, this time with the man who seemed a little nervous but as we rode he asked my age, destination, etc. etc. etc. He let me off at Tarrytown saying if he came along that road later he would pick me up again. Then I walked another four or 5 miles and was picked up by a nice seeming young man on a “run” (as he came along he stopped and opened the door and asked me to hurry, there was a big truck behind him and he did not want it to pass him. He stopped in the middle of the downhill grade which I thought was very nice of him.) He lives in Peekskill and goes by every day, but today (Thursday) he goes by about 3 AM (worst luck).

He carried me to Ossining center, about three or four blocks from Grandma’s and I arrived at about six o’clock to find Aunt Dorothy (Peabody, Arla’s sister) there, much to my surprise. Last night Burton (Peabody, another of Arla’s brothers) took us all over town in the Ford, about 16 miles. We saw the Hudson from several points and looked at Sing Sing Prison and Briarcliffe Manor (Burton says the depression was so hard that some of these people fired their servants).

CDG - Letter of Consent from Grandpa - 1934

The letter reads:


          Cedric D. Guion, my son, has with my full knowledge and consent started from his home in Trumbull, Connecticut, to visit relatives in the Middle West and enroute take in the Chicago Fair. If the unexpected happens and he gets into trouble of any sort, I will stand by him without limit.

Alfred D. Guion

This morning I bought some clothes to use in place of those you sent, the shirt being winter style. Nevertheless, the pocketbook and letter are very important so it was a great help. Thanks and lots of love to all.

(If you keep all my letters you will probably have  a diary of the trip.)

Lots of love again and remember me to anyone you might see.


This  family tree  will help keep the relatives straight, I hope.


Kemper                          m.                Anna (Westlin)

                                                          Burton     Arla     Kemper     Helen     Anne     Lawrence     Dorothy

m.            m.             m.            m.           m.             m.                m.

                                                                          Alfred      Ethel          Ted       Frederic     Marian

                                                                          Guion    Merriam    Human   Stanley          ?

Imagine how Ced must have felt reading the last few words:  “I will stand by him without limit.” What a comfort those words must have been as he began this momentous journey, having no idea what would transpire or how it would change him.

Tomorrow I’ll begin posting letters written in 1943. Lad has been sent to Santa Anita, California, to train mechanics for the Army. Dan is doing surveying work for the Army in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Cedric is working in Anchorage, Alaska, as an airplane mechanic and bush pilot. Dick has just married his girlfriend, Jean Mortensen, and been drafted into the Army. He has just started his training.

Judy Guion

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