Trumbull – No Roast For Sunday Dinner – March, 1943

Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion

Jean (Mrs. Dick) Guion

Trumbull, Conn., March 7, 1943.

Dear Foursome:

Perhaps it is because I was on duty at the Town Hall from 10 to 1 A. M. this morning, and then went down to the office to get out a rush job we were unable to finish, even by working Saturday afternoon, that my brain is a bit sluggish. At any rate, this week seems to be somewhat of an anti-climax as far as news is concerned. We seem to have done little but ”watchful waiting” for some news from Dick. And right here, young fellow, let me get a load off my chest. Here is a bit of homely advice, Richard dear, from your old man. Try to be a bit more considerate of the feelings of others. I don’t mean to imply that you are selfish, but you are thoughtless or heedless as far as others are concerned. I am old and somewhat hard, but you have a young wife who has a proper pride (I don’t like that word “face” used so much lately in talking about the Japs), and the fact that you did not even send a postal card or wire or phone, one of which she expected and had a right to expect, put her in a rather embarrassing position at the office where a bunch of catty girls, each day, would ask if she had heard from you and day after day she had to tell them “No”, until Saturday afternoon when, with a package of clothes you sent back with a brief note. She has not complained, you understand. She’s too good a sport, but I know she feels a bit hurt at what seems to me rather shabby treatment – – unless of course you did write and the letter perversely went astray. Maybe you will resent my writing as frankly as I have, but I think you have it deservedly coming to you.

By the way, Bob Strobel came in last night and plunked down $65 as part payment, expressing the hope to have the $50 balance sometime next week. As instructed, I have taken out to the amount owing for glasses, etc., and turned the balance over to Jean. Bob says he will return the markers for you.

A letter from Ced this week, commenting on his younger brothers marriage, was received and as always, was very welcome. He asks about my idea for a wedding gift. That’s a stickler for me, as it is also for Jean herself. Future plans are so indefinite. If they decide to go to Alaska, they will not want to card along a lot of furniture. If they stay east, the circumstances will again have much to do with whether they will set up a separate housekeeping establishment or not. I will talk the thing over with Jean and see how she feels about your query, Ced.

Ced writes the Sainsbury’s have decided to return to the States, and Chuck Morgan is in the Army. Louise, of boarding house fame, has just been married. I guess I told you that Ced is now living with Rusty (Heurlin )  ( and George Rengaard and likes it.  (A little interesting side line – George Rengaard is mentioned in this article about the Anchorage Ski Club and my Uncle Ced was a member of the ski club when he lived in Anchorage, from 1940-1946. He was even an officer. He must have been involved with some of this history. What a small world. )

Dan writes he expects, as soon as the weather is settled, to get back on some outside work again, probably consisting of surveying in the vicinity of Norristown, Pa. The weather, the last few days here, has been anything but encouraging.

For the first time in many years – – in fact, as far back as I can recall, today was the first Sunday I was not able to serve a roast for Sunday dinner. I suppose I could have obtained a chicken yesterday but we had chicken the Sunday previous. Due to lack of time and the fact that the downtown stores were crowded four and five layers of customers deep in front of the meat counters that had for sale only oxtails, half pigs heads, etc., I gave up in disgust and we had spaghetti and cheese for dinner. I’ll be glad when meat rationing starts and then maybe we can get a more even distribution. There seems to be something damn screwy in Washington to have this sort of situation possible. Too many of Frankie’s long-haired New Deal theorists.

With this parting shot, I’ll stop before I get wound up on that subject.


The rest of the week will be taken up with two more letters from Grandpa to his various progeny around the world.

Judy Guion



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