Trumbull (1) – Lots of News – March, 1943

Alfred Duryee Guion

Trumbull, Conn., March 14, 1943

Dear Hitler Menaces, including Ced:

In spite of the way I have tried to bring you children up as to the advisability of not waiting until the last moment to do what is necessary, I have to report that your father is only today completed (and that not quite) his income tax reports (one individual, and two company, state and federal) although candor compels me to say that I have, for several weeks, been trying to compile the basic figures, made but the harder in the case of the company because of the fact that, not having had a bookkeeper for the past year, no adequate records have been it maintained, so if someday you receive your weekly letter from the state or federal penitentiary, you will understand and be charitable in your judgment of one who at least had what the road to hell is paved with.

However, I can see you say, skip the preamble and tell us about Dick. Well, here it is, compiled from a report Jean has condensed from various letters received during the week. Arrived in Florida March 7th. In the air corps. Expects to go through an 18 day training period. Is staying at a hotel within easy access to the beach, went swimming last Sunday and, in general, is happy with the whole thing. Letter of March 7th however, states he has been assigned to the M. P.’s. Rather displeased but felt better when told he might be sent to M. P. training school in Michigan. His I. Q. was such that he could apply for Officers Candidate School. The latter is pretty crowded so that only a few (the exceptional ones) are admitted. Upon acceptance he automatically becomes private first class. Food is good and plenty of it. His address: Pvt. Richard P. Guion, 31324665, 401st Trng. Grp., BTC#4 41st Wing, Flt. F, Miami Beach, Fla.

Ced has won his reputation back again as being a faithful correspondent. His letters arrive now quite regularly and in spite of censorship restrictions, which prevent him from opening up wide, he writes a most interesting letter. His last was addressed to me as “Marrying Al Guion”.

A letter from Dan to Barbara (Plumb) this week says he is starting work at Norristown and the probabilities are that he will be able to get home next weekend. This coming home for dinner these days is rather a courageous act. With Elizabeth’s help, I was able to get some meat for a pot roast this week, but things seem to be getting worse and worse in Bridgeport on meat supplies.

Social butterfly Al of Hollywood is evidently too busy tipping the light fantastic to have any energy left to exercise his pen finger. However he has been keeping us pretty well posted as to his activities. All of you boys write exceptionally interesting letters and that is perhaps why we like to get them when they do come.

I’ll finish off the week with one more letter from Grandpa to his sons away from home.

On Saturday and Sunday, more of Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure.

Judy Guion


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