Trumbull – Patient Readers (2) – Bits and Pieces – March, 1943


Page 2     3/21/43

Ced, Aunt Betty wants me to say that as she was cleaning out the bookcase in the living room one day recently, she came across some Helen and Warren stories, which were tucked away between some books, which she was sure you had saved for her. They were dated 1940, and she was quite pleased to find them. After reading them she will put them away for Elsie’s next visit. “The good men do lives after them”, if we can paraphrase Shakespeare’s well-known lines.

On March 7th,  my thoughtful, conscientious, oldest son went to the trouble of dropping me a line on a Sunday morning telling me he was in the running although at the moment he had not time to write a full-blown letter because of a previous engagement coming due.

Both Dave and myself have miserable dry coughs that seem to be the hanging-on kind, and the weather so far “this spring” hasn’t been of such a nature as to discourage the germs.

Charlie Hall has just got home and as he is not to be called for naval duty until June, he has a few weeks of leisure before himCindy - Charlie Hall - formal shot in uniform.
Red (Sirene) has not yet received anything beyond his notification of rating as 1-A. For the past two days he is been helping out at the office where we have a large job of preparing for mailing 34,000 circulars for Manning, Maxwell & Moore.

Lad Guion with friend - Pomona - 1944 (2) head shot  Lad, I sent you, with last week’s letter, a clipping, regarding the Army selecting certain picked men to be sent to college throughout the country to follow up their specialty. I heard that one small group consists of those who will be chosen for the reason that they speak a foreign language with the idea of perfecting that and using them for some special work. It might be well to find out from your commanding officer more about this college course, how the men are selected, what you have to do to be assigned, and discover if any branch of this special training appeals to you.

Ced, some time ago I promised to send you another filter. This has not gone yet, I am sorry to say, but I now have been ableCed and car - 1940 (3)-head shot to obtain from Carl two filter cartridges, which I expect to send along soon together with the book I think you may enjoy reading. By the way, please don’t forget to send me the finish of your story of the plane rescuing mission. It’s too good as far as it has gone to just be left hung up in the air as it is at present. There isn’t anything in this that would have to be censored, is there? By the way, are my letters to you censored, too?
Dan-uniform (2)   Dan just left a few minutes ago to return to Norristown, PA., and a few minutes later Biss and her two hopefuls arrived. Their father had departed on a night fish-spearing expedition. There is not much other local news I can think of. The Red Cross is putting on a drive for funds here in Trumbull, as in Bridgeport and other places too, I suppose. I understand the stone house has been sold and the boys living there are looking for some other similar place in the neighborhood to continue on but can find nothing nearer than Westport.



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