Trumbull – Dear Old Timers (1) – A Recap of One Year Ago, July, 1945

Alfred Duryee Guion - summer, 1946

Trumbull, Conn., July 1, 1945

Dear Old Timers:

Just for the hell of it let’s turn back the pages in the book of time and find out the status of things one year ago.

On July 1st, 1944, Lad wrote about receiving a letter from the Williams in Venezuela “Things have changed a lot there but the oil business is still going strong. Most all of the fellows have gotten married so I’m not the only one. Some of them have children though, so they are ahead of me in that respect. D-day for me is getting closer. Sometime this month the 142d is being transferred to some camp in the East. It looks as though I will have to go by train so Marian may drive east in the Buick. Right now the 3019 is doing some work in Camp Haan. We have been having a rather hot spell here in that, the day before yesterday, it was 105° in the shade.”

On July 3rd, Dan, who was spending his last week at Kew in London and experiencing the mental strain of the buzz bomb raids, quite likely not knowing that before the month was out he would be landing on the beaches of France and entirely unaware that there was a little Belgian-French girl waiting to meet him, writes: “We are now engulfed in a realism which focuses war in sharp, unmistakable images – – exciting, significant, decisive.”

On June 29th Ced reported in lengthy detail reminiscent of a medical report, that the poor old Buick was completely shot and had had to be laid up for repairs. He acknowledged receipt of the birthday gifts from home, reported his burns were now completely healed, that he had completed his CAA test with a score of 86, and related with delectable humor his letter to Literary Digest people about his renewal subscription, enclosed with another boost for “Union Now”.

Dick had not written since the previous April so the record for Brazil was rather blank.

A letter from Dave dated July 1st related how, on his return to Crowder from his trip home, he had gone to sleep and had gone past the station where he should have gotten out, but, nevertheless succeeded in getting back before the deadline.

My letter to you boys on the same day lamented Dave’s departure for Camp, noting the fact he had forgotten to take with him puttees and necktie. Lad was informed I had mailed his camera light gauge and a box of films, and a message from Dan was quoted in which mention was made that Peggy (Beebe) had donated blood in his behalf.

And Lad’s comment about the weather a year ago reminds me that the last few days here have been extremely hot, well up in the 90s, and only a few minutes ago a shower has made it a bit cooler. It really has not been the high temperature so much as the humidity which has made it seem hotter.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with the second page of this quite long letter.

Judy Guion


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