Trumbull – Dear Old Timers (2) – Local News and Comments From Dave – July, 1945

mig-jean-mortenson-guion-and-marian-irwin-guion-june-1945Page 2     7/1/45

Among local items of interest, Carl (Wayne) is now at school in New London, Charlie Hall is still in the Pacific somewhere, Erwin (Laufer) has not been well lately, due, his sister thinks, to the aftermath of his sojourn in the tropics; Monsanto has temporarily lost the use of one of his arms, Rod Sperling is somewhere in ice land, Nellie (Nelson Sperling) has sailed for the Pacific area and Harold (Sperling, perhaps?) is somewhere in the Philippines.

Jean has been up in the clouds since formal order arrived early this week with authorization for her to join Dick in Brazil. She will be literally up in the clouds sometime during the first part of August. It is all shrouded in official secrecy as far as details are concerned, so you will have to use your imagination.

The editor of the Quotes Dept. reports three letters this week: Lad, again in Southern France, reports a marked improvement in the attitude of the people and the condition of the city of Marseilles. It is being cleaned and rebuilt slowly. New storefronts appear frequently on almost every street. The rubble is almost gone and even the bombed out buildings here and there are being torn down or where slightly damaged, rebuilt. He has found a place where he can get near-American beer. He is getting tired sitting around with nothing to do, just waiting for orders, filling in time visiting movies, cafés, etc.

Dave reports on the various letters from home he has received as follows: April 29th – nice two-page letter with the caboose from Aunt Elsie attached to the rear end. No comments. May 13th. The one in which Lad tells of his getting a ride in a bomber. At first I was jealous of the boys in Europe but now I can truthfully say I think I am having more fun than either of them had. This last statement brings to mind the fact that I may be sent home as a psycho case. I’ve been telling everyone what a good time I’m having over here and what a nice place this island is. They think I’m nuts. I think everyone here will agree that this place isn’t bad but I’m afraid the officers, in reading over my letters, will think that I must be suffering from something to be having such a good time. An answer to Lad’s question, “Pop, old boy, how are you honestly feeling?”, You’ve given me some information which I too have been wondering about. Only I wasn’t thoughtful enough to inquire about your health, even though I also wanted to know if you were doing O.K. in connection with the subject – – vaguely connected – – I’ve been wondering if would be financially possible to pack you off to the four corners of the earth after I take over “ye olde advertising firme”. I know you’ve always wanted to travel and it would do you a world of good. You ought to start planning on it, because if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to get you on the boat bound for distant lands. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to get rid of you, but from what little of this old world I’ve seen, I’d say it’s really something worth seeing. I see Aunt Elsie has found the same “sunshine” in Jean and Marian that the rest of us have found. Why do I say “found?”. You don’t have to look for it – – it’s right there.

Tomorrow I’ll continue with more comments from Dave’s letter.

Judy Guion


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