Trumbull – Dear Old Timers (3) – Dave Continues His Comments – July, 1945


Page 3    7/1/45

At the end of your letter you reminded Dick and myself that we have birthdays coming around in a few months and you ask what we might want. As you’ve said before, it’s hard to get something for boys in the service. You’re right, but what you don’t know is that it’s just as hard, or harder, to think of something we need when you’re in the service yourself. There’s always something to crab about but when you get right down to it, Uncle Sammy treats his boys pretty well and there isn’t much we need. I’m in an especially bad predicament because I don’t know where I’ll be when my birthday rolls around. I may be here and then again I may not be. If I asked you for something I could use here, the chances are I would be someplace where I couldn’t use that item when it got to me. One thing I can always use is food, any kind. Of course what I want most of all is a one-way trip back to the good old U.S.A., and I wouldn’t be too surprised if I didn’t get it by then – – or at least the war might be over and the prospect of getting home soon would be a little more tangible.

May 27th. I use a hell of a lot of “hell’s” in my letters, don’t I?

Alfred Duryee Guion

Jean (Mortenson) and Dick Guion

June 4th. Big news! Sure hope Jean goes to Brazil. The only sad spot, reading between the lines, is that Dick must not be figuring on getting home very soon. Is it true that he was made a staff? What’s the story? Dan’s account of VE Day in Belgium was very interesting. Here VE Day was very quiet except that the pounding of Naha was still going on and we could hear the rumble and everyone seemed a little happier and brighter, and of course that was the main subject for a few days following. Hope the news about Erwin is true. Is there anything wrong with him or have they just decided that he’s done enough and deserves a discharge? Thanks for the info on the folks in the apartment. I want to meet them. I got a kick out of your mentioning Dan’s and Lad’s points. Why, you should see the big number I rolled up! the! At tops, the most I can figure on is 29 – – kinda stinky, isn’t it? That’s all I can say on this letter and it’s the last I’ve got. It’s surprising how matter-of-fact everything is in a war zone. I’ve already mentioned how quiet it all was here on VE Day, and another thing that didn’t cause much of a stir was the death of Gen. Buckner. It was big news for a day but then they buried him, replaced him temporarily and forgot about him. I don’t know as they’ve forgotten about him at headquarters but you don’t hear about him here anymore. Three weeks ago last Sunday in Church, I stood just a few feet away from him. He looked pretty old but rugged. I still don’t know if he was generally liked or not. I’ve talked to some who worked with him who liked him and others that didn’t. Of the ones I’ve talked to, the ones that didn’t like him outweighed the ones that did. But then you don’t find many enlisted men that fully appreciate high ranking brass. I guess it’s only the things that directly concern the boys that makes things buzz. The most publicity any subject has got so far is the ending of the war. One day one of the boys who had been in Yonton  Airfield came back with the story that the pilots up there are betting that the war would be over by July 15th. There was a lot of speculation on that subject and still is and probably will be until July 15th comes and goes. While I think it quite possible it is not probable enough to suit me.

Tomorrow the conclusion of this letter with comments from Grandpa. On Friday, another of Grandpa’s letters.

Judy Guion


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