AD Guion – 1926 Christmas Card – The Guion Fireplace (A Poem)

For the next two weeks, I’ll be posting various Christmas cards that Grandpa sent to his friends near and far.

Grandpa, being in the advertising business, used his very creative skills to produce a unique and personal Christmas card for many years. This is the first one I have. Grandpa, his wife. Arla. and five children moved in to the Trumbull House in December, 1922. Dave was born in September of 1925. In 1926, the house was 170 years old. I believe Grandpa wrote the verse (he did that often enough) to personalize the holiday message .


ADG - 1926 Christmas Card

Although weekdays will be devoted to Grandpa’s Christmas Cards, I will continue to post Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure on the weekends.

Why not share these Christmas cards with friends who might appreciate their creativity.

Judy Guion


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