Peabodys and Friends – August, 1941

Here are several sdhort letters from friends and relatives. The first is from Uncle Ted Human (who originally took Lad and Dan to Venezuela) to Lad with some information about possible jobs. The second and third letters are from Carl Wayne, owner of the Red Horse Service Station where Lad worked for a while. He is writing to the boys in Alaska regarding some work he did on the car before Dick drove it to Seattle and then shipped it – and himself – to Alaska. 


My dear Lad,

Since early in August I wanted to write you and say thanks for that beautiful piece of artwork by the gold worker – and I thank you for remembering me – it’s a beautiful gift. But have been holding off until I could see what we could line up here – the results you already know – anyway I have another angle and today I sent Helen a letter from Hebard which she will let you read – you of course will not tell Hebard that you know I’m employed by Uncle Sam. You see how discrete he is – you too think I work for P.A.A. (Pan American Airlines) if the subject ever comes up – The Hebard outfit is a good one with worldwide connections. He has the power to pass you on to good things – if they come up –

So best of luck and best of wishes



Let me know just what happened in the interview – if any, etc.


"The Good Times" - 1939 Arnold Gibson (Gibby), Charlie Kurtz and Carl Wayne The Red Horse Station

“The Good Times” – 1939
Arnold Gibson (Gibby), Charlie Kurtz and Carl Wayne
The Red Horse Station

June 30, 1941

Dear Dan, Ced,

Sometime ago I gave your dad a bill for lubrication, oil filter etc. contracted by Dick before his departure to the wilds with no results.

When I asked him about it he could not remember whether you wanted him to pay it or if you intended to but had forgotten.

Let me know whether I am to collect from him.

Have they no stationary up there or you are you making so much money you can’t write? Hope to hear from you soon.

With best regards to all.



August 21, 1941

Dear Dan & Ced: Dick too !

Since the gasoline situation is fast becoming acute, as you probably have already heard, Ethel and I are seriously considering going to California or Alaska shortly. That is within the next couple of months if possibilities there are good.

Please write as soon as you possibly can as to types of jobs open, wages, living conditions, cost of transportation by car or anything else that we might need to know on the subject.

Let me know if it is difficult to get work there and what the possibilities are.

With our best regards,


P.S. Just heard tonight that a cut of 70% in gas over what I bought last month has been just ordered by Socony for their dealers.

Tomorrow and Friday, I’ll be posting a two-part letter from Grandpa to his three sons – Dan, Ced and Dick – in Alaska.

On Saturday and Sunday, more of Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure from the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair.

Judy Guion

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