Trumbull (2) – Grandpa’s Birthday Letter to Lad – March, 1943


Page 2    3/28/43

Dear Lad, old Son:

This is a special birthday letter to you, because it will not be many days now before the anniversary will come around that brought considerable joy to two young newlyweds so many years ago on the occasion of the birth of their first son. And may I say that the hopes and fond dreams of parents that so many times prove disappointing, have brought many happy hours in your case. There is something in the Anglo-Saxon nature that makes us hold back saying some of the things we feel for fear of slopping over into sentiment I suppose, but at times like this with you so far away, we can let down the bar a bit to take an inside look. I’ve always been proud of you, Lad, from the time your baby hands patiently built little houses of sticks, right through your boyhood, youth and manhood. You never let me down. The formative period of your life has been safely passed. Who knows what the future holds! It may be great material success or just a comfortably getting by, but those habits of character that promised so much more than material progress are rooted and I can sit by with the sigh of content and say to your mother, “With Lad’s cooperation, I have kept my promise and you too must share the quiet joy that comes to a parent’s heart when we think of Lad”. What you wrote me about not letting the drink habit get the better of you a case in point.

I had planned long ere this to send by mail a little birthday remembrance so that it would reach you by April 3, but the thing I wanted seems to be out of stock and each day I asked they expect it in shortly, and so time goes by. You’ll hear from me but it will not be as much on time as I hoped.

Now as to the car. I am a bit concerned, lest your parting with the car will deprive you of one of your chief pleasures; so here is my suggestion. I can settle up with the bank by selling some of my securities (and in one way this seems only the fair thing to do to make up for the many months you generously sent home funds to take care of bills when the going was tough). Then there is the Fairbanks Morse stock you hold which, while it might not take care of the whole debt, would help, stocks look as though they were advancing in value and it seems a shame to sell now when later on you would probably be able to get a better price. I don’t like to see this little nest egg of yours vanish. So don’t sell the car if it means a lot to you in the way of enjoyment. My conscience would not let me feel too happy about it. I have another notice received the other day from the bank but I can probably renew the thing again, so don’t act before you weigh the thing from all angles.

Well, I’m going to miss not having a little special birthday celebration for you in accordance with the old Guion custom, but you can be sure we will be thinking of you and wishing you many good thoughts. May this year prove your best and happiest (And to think, Grandpa hadn’t seen the letter I’ll be posting on Friday yet !) from many angles and come back some day safe and sound to the old home and to

Your loving,


Tomorrow, another letter from Grandpa and on Friday, another one from Lad from the Hospitality Center of South Pasadena.

On Saturday and Sunday, we continue to travel with Ced toward his relatives in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Judy Guion


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