Trumbull – Dear Trio From Anchorage (1) – September, 1941

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

Alfred Duryee Guion

Trumbull, Conn., Sept. 14, 1941

Dear Trio from Anchorage:

“Hay”, he sneezed, feverishly, “downt dnu dnow that this is the time to write to the boys?” “Oh, yes.” I replied impatiently flicking a fresh nose drop from my proboscis, I might’s well (kerchoo) do it now”. So here goes.

When Dan’s account of his Homeric adventure loomed across the Trumbull horizon, it didn’t take me long to decide that here was an antidote too much of the news filling the papers nowadays regarding bloodshed, bombings, sinkings, assassinations, reprisals, etc., a clean wholesome note among the discordant welter of sounds that might bring a moment of restful sanity to a war – crazed world. Why selfishly keep it to myself? Why not share it with a waiting audience? No sooner said than done, and presto, when editor (can’t recall his name at the minutes (brain is numb anyway)) of the Post Bridgeport Post, Bridgeport, CT) glanced through the article he agreed that it was worth giving a whirl; asked further for photos of the author (you will laugh at his use of Dan going into “a friend’s house), it wasn’t long in getting into print. And it got quite a reaction, too. Our insurance friend, Covill, was the first, then the manager of Sherwin-Williams glad handed me and told me he was quite interested in the article and envied you – – “would like to do the same myself”. Then last night Miss Hawley called up and said she was so interested in reading about the boys and want to know more about Dan and Ced. Of course all the Trumbull folks and family were interested but this can be taken for granted. I am enclosing a couple of extra copies in case you will want to send them to your friend in Homer or your boss. I mailed a complete newspaper to you containing the article, just for the hell of it.

Yesterday Ced’s welcome interesting letter arrived and one also to Aunt Betty with a second money order enclosed which you can be sure is doubly appreciated, not only because of the kindly thought that started it on its way, but also because of the generous amount which I’m going to have great fun spending in something that I want. I have not yet decided which of several things it will be but I will let you know when it is an accomplished fact. And speaking of birthdays, Elizabeth came over with her two kiddies in the afternoon, made me a birthday cake, but could not stay to dinner. I splurged by blowing myself to a porterhouse steak with mushrooms, grape juice to drink, mashed potatoes and ice cream. Aunt Elsie sent me a birthday greeting card, the folks from New Rochelle a round-robin, Aunt Betty her usual greeting card with double the regular amount and Lad and Dave, either or both, supplied me with a box of cigars and a new pipe.

Dorothy is back in Trumbull again. For some reason not yet divulged their new apartment was not as satisfactory as Trumbull so she called up Friday and asked if she could come back to stay with us a while. Grandma is staying in New Rochelle to take care of Burton and Helen is leaving tomorrow for Brownsville. A few minutes ago Burton drove up with Grandma and Helen and they are now in the kitchen getting a little supper snack before they start back to New Rochelle.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the 2nd half of this letter.

On Saturday and Sunday, more of Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure.

Judy Guion


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