Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure (16) The Movie Treasure Island and the Air Races – August, 1934

CDG - Dorothy Draz about Air Races, Aug, 1934

Note from Dorothy Draz about the Air Races

Dear Ced:- Really – you know – you don’t deserve a letter – after all the fun you poked at me. So I’ll compromise by calling this a note!

We were amazed and delighted at your trip. You must be having FUN, but we will be glad to see you back again. The air races are for August 31 to September 3 – will you be here?

Lots of love –


I’m in a terrible rush!



Star Prairie


Dear Dad,

I received your letter in St. Paul and I figure on postal time every time I write. The service to Chicago was a little slower than I figured it would be and that is why I missed that letter.

I hope Rusty’s plan works out because he certainly deserves a “break” in my opinion.

Congratulations on your winning the cake and I am sorry I could not help you eat it. I’m glad to hear the firemen made out so well with the Carnival.
cdg-letter-from-star-prairie-page-2-august-1934The piece you read about the air races must have been a misprint as the dates are August 31 to September 3 instead of 31-30 as you wrote me.

Tell Dick I’m sorry I did not send him a card but if the truth is to be known, I

had forgotten the date of his birthday and so found it too late to send anything. I hope you all enjoyed “Treasure Island” ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0025907/) if you saw it and believe me! I am going to see it when I get a chance.

About the scavenger felons, I really think Mack should get a bath and I also think you might tell Davis to lock up his oil bottles every night.

Plenty of finances, thanks, and I don’t expect to be “out” when I get home. (So far, I have no films cdg-letter-from-star-prairie-page-3-august-1934to send but I don’t believe I will send any because people along the trip home may be interested in seeing things. The tobacco pouch is fine, thanks for your pictures. I hope Dan and Alfred find college within their reach.

I returned your “Side Glances” as I had already seen it in the St. Paul paper. Most of the funnies and cartoons we have are in it.

The mail leaves in about 5 minutes so lots of luck and love, and I forgot to tell you we had a miniature cyclone out here which also brought lots of rain.

Well here’s more luck and love, Ced

P.S. You better not try to write me anymore as I am going to leave next week.


1 minute left !

Next week I’ll post the letter, written by Grandpa on July 30, 1934, and sent to Ced in care of the YMCA in Chicago. It got there after Ced left.  It remained at the YMCA unclaimed, until Aug. 14, when it was returned to Grandpa. He then wrote on the envelope and included it with another letter to Ced. Some references in Ced’s letter refer to items from the July 30th letter about Arnold Gibson’s going away party and the Scavenger Hunt.

9 thoughts on “Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure (16) The Movie Treasure Island and the Air Races – August, 1934

  1. Mrs. P says:

    You could tell was in a hurry to get this out in time. It does not have the usual color and flair of his writing…more perfunctory and informative. 😀

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