Dear Faith, Hope and Charity (2) – September, 1941

This is the second half of the letter I posted yesterday. Grandpa is writing to his boys in Alaska.

Aunts Dorothy, Anne and Helen

Aunts Helen (Human), Anne (Stanley) and Dorothy Peabody.


Page 2     9/21/1941    the first day of autumn

This week I witnessed the finest display of northern lights that have ever Borealised their way into my vision for 50 odd years. To be sure they were not brilliantly colored but looked more like giant searchlight beams over the dome of heaven, and I immediately began to wonder if the very unusual strength of the manifestation here meant that you up there where they make ‘em did not have a correspondingly wonderful display and if so, whether you got some colored movies of them as a permanent record.

Local politics are beginning to warm up a bit. Town election is October 6th. There is some talk of starting a men’s club at the Trumbull Center church, and a dinner is being given on the 30th to get things started. Dave is now singing in the choir so the Guion banner is still being carried forward. Today Burton and Grandma came up for dinner and will probably repeat the performance next Sunday. She brought with her for dessert some of her excellent homemade apple pie. Burton took the lady contingent after dinner out for a ride in his car, visiting via Daniels Farm Rd., Huntington Center, Nichols and Beardsley Park.

Both Aunt Betty and Dorothy want me to send you their love, and Grandma and Burton (Peabody) would undoubtedly ask the same if they thought I wouldn’t anyway. Evidently, Marian and Larry (Peabody) are wild about their new place in Milan, Ohio (Near Sandusky) where they have several acres of ground, with numerous orchards of various kinds of fruits, 500 grapevines, etc.

Aunt Helen (Peabody Human) has arrived in Brownsville, Texas, Burton has not yet heard anything more from Washington about his new job and is beginning to wonder if they are going to do anything more about it, Kemper and Ethel (Peabody) have returned from their vacation in Vermont and are now back in regular harness again. I understand they are desirous of getting a farm somewhere out in the country but within business reach of New Rochelle. Lad received a letter from the Draft Board the other day stating that his request for deferment had been received and was being taken under consideration but no decision had yet been reached. If they string it out for another month or so and then grant him the usual six months deferment it will bring it into April and as on April 3rd he passes the 28 year age limit, he’ll be pretty apt to get by unless of course we get into a shooting war as we are very apt to do the way things are going at present. It doesn’t look now, with Russia beginning to buckle, that the war will be shortened any unless there happens what there is very little signs of happening now, an internal upheaval in Germany itself. Even those who don’t especially like Hitler now are in such a position that they can’t let go the lion’s tail.

Mercer’s man came the other day and cleaned out the furnace and gave the stoker the once over. Now all I need is coal and we will be all set for old man winter (barring the storm windows of course). There is still some of the wood left from the locust trees you beavers felled a couple of years ago, but Lad made a dent on this this morning. The barn is finished and looks very clean in its new coat of white paint. New cellar windows are now in and I have asked Mr. Vicchola to do some repair work on the gutters and leaders before cold weather sets in.

And that just about brings me to the end of the page, so,

Love from DAD

Tomorrow, the first half of another letter written by Grandpa to his boys in Alaska.

The second half of that letter will be posted on Thursday.

On Friday, a longer, but complete, letter from Grandpa.

Judy Guion

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