Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure (20) – A Letter From Grandma Peabody – September, 1934


Grandma Peabody

Grandma Peabody

September 13

Dear Cedric

Your welcome letter came several days ago. I am so glad you are home again because I could not help worrying about you.

I would certainly like to see you and hear of your visits and all about the relatives you visited. You must have had a great time

Did you like haying and threshing? I know all about such things. You should have seen us (the Westlins) carrying lunches out to the men haying, and to the threshing crews when that work started usually late in September, sometimes as late as October. The wind would blow and it was cold. The men were always so glad for the hot coffee, sandwiches and cake.

I believe I told your father I am moving to New York City in a short time to live with Aunt Dorothy. I am wondering if it will be easier for you to come to New York to make a visit rather than Ossining. We are all anxious to hear any news.

No news from here, everything seems to go jogging along as usual.



My love to all of you.

CDG - Ced's Rides by Date

CDG - Ced's Rides By Date - Part 2

Autos I rode in, Part 1 and Autos I rode in, Part 2. They are listed by date.

CDG - Ced's rides by Make

This is Ced’s report on all of the cars and trucks he caught a ride in, both going out and coming home.

Next weekend I’ll have a couple of quick notes to bring this adventure to a close. What an amazing adventure for a 17 year old, traveling by himself. I wouldn’t allow that to happen in this day and age. 

Tomorrow I’ll start posting letters written in 1943. This will be a very important year for Lad, as we shall see.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure (20) – A Letter From Grandma Peabody – September, 1934

  1. I hitched around Europe aged 17 with another older (20 year-old) girl, who later became my sister-in-law, in 1965.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Hilary – Way to go, girl. I wish I had had the time to do something like that. I’ve only driven across this country, alone, 3 times, but I sure wasn’t hitchhiking.

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