Trumbull – Dear Isolationists (3) – Local Bits and Pieces – October, 1941

DPG - Dick on Island

Page 3    10/26/41

Thanks, very much, for the money order, including the $15 for the movie camera. You did very well on this, and I appreciate it. You ought to have deducted commission and cost of ad.

To Richard the Dick:

Well, boy, that was a real letter and very much enjoyed by one and all. The old Ricardian humor does not seem to have frozen any in your northern home, but bubbles out as quaintly as ever. The story of your Grecian friend was my gracious has earned a place among the great explanations of the age.

Congratulations on the visible evidence of work satisfactorily done and advancement achieved without pull. Your sentiments do you honor and show the existence of the true Guion spirit. First thing you know, Lewis and his C.I.O. will be getting after you to join the union.

Glad you won the new suit so easily. Now that you are having Sundays off you will have a chance to wear it to Sunday school. I suppose if Ced is adopted by Uncle Sam, and you get feeling lonesome, you will get my gracious, forgo further $135’s and head for sunny California or possibly little old Trumbull. In the latter event we shall certainly be glad to see you again and I don’t doubt it will take David long to figure out a schedule on dishwashing activities that will make you feel right at home.

We haven’t started the furnace yet, but today’s temperature in the house is a quite definite reminder that something ought to be done about this soon.

Little Marty was operated on Tuesday for his hernia which lately seemed to be getting worse instead of healing itself is the doctor thought might happen. I have not heard today but the last news was that he was progressing nicely.

I wish you were both home again. It seems so good to have Dan and Lad back. We’d just burst out in full bloom if you and Ced returned to the fold.

Paul (Warden) went to the Yale-Army game last week and to the Dartmouth-Yale game yesterday. Red and Dave went to the Bassick game yesterday at Schwartz field.

And that’s about all I can think of at this writing. Send us another of your interesting letters soon. Adios.


Tomorrow and Friday, another letter from Grandpa to Ced and Dick.

This weekend, I’ll continue the story of Mary E. Wilsn.

Judy Guion


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